Halo: Reach Beta gameplay 'never seen before'

Microsoft has told CVG that the Halo: Reach Beta will feature 'never seen before' gameplay - ramping up excitement for the public opening on May 3rd.

The firm released gameplay footage earlier this month as part of what Bungie called a 'multiplayer bomb'.

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deadreckoning6662837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

AUTOMATIC-GOTY-CONTENDER...unl ess KZ3 comes out a blows it away.

xTruthx2837d ago

lol yeah I can just see an fps winning GOTY..../S

Akagi2837d ago

Let's just overlook ME2, GoW3, right?


PotNoodle2837d ago

Unless he edited his original post. He is saying it is automatically a contender, which is agreeable. Along with games like ME2 and GoW3.

I'm not a Halo fan, as i keep saying. But Reach has caught my attention, i'll give it a try when it comes out.

jdktech20102837d ago

In the "It's way too early to talk about GOTY" GOTY's between ME2, GOW3 and Halo Reach....least in my opinion

The real killer2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

LOL, Killzone 2 owned already Reach in my opinion.

Guys, i mean owned by "game development" you know IMPROVEMENT!!

jdktech20102837d ago

don't wait until Reach actually comes things people don't seem to understand is that it's about the community and multiplayer...things like Forge, etc. are what makes Halo

gta28002837d ago

You guys have such low standards lol. Reach looks good but not GOTY.

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GR8 12837d ago

Poor droids got no games except a wii rip off.

FlameBaitGod2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Your right man those droids!, they have only had white knight chronicles, MAG, Heavy Rain, MLB the show + every multiplatform game while we have had............. um........... OMG WAITS A SECOND!! WE ARE THE ONES WITH NO GAMES! and we got the sh!ty FF13 version too WTH! this sucks!, we get god of war 3 tho right ?...................... WHAT! THATS ANOTHER PS3 EXCLUSIVE!! WTH!

It hasn't been even 3 months and they get all of this! no fair!

EvilBlackCat2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

white knight chronicles
Heavy Rain
MLB the show

none of those are in my list of PS3 games so fnck all of those over hyped games.

Learn you fake poser that is all about taste

Wanna know my list of PS3 games?

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2
God of War Collection and 1st day GoW3

so where in the fnck is KZ2, MAG, FF13, UC2 and many others in that list?

FlameBaitGod2837d ago

Evil its ok if you have bad taste, thats y you have 1 bubble. But the majority does like them, srry to disappoint you. Only people with bad taste or fan boys will agree with you, srry :(

omimasum2837d ago

the chance of halo reach being goty is like finding bin laden

Ausbo2836d ago

they have found bin laden before they just can't catch him. so by your logic, it is a goty contender.

On topic, Mass effect 2 and gow3 will be the top two, with ME2 pulling it out in the end, i think

A change in the wind2837d ago

Unless it`s Sony GDC news, nobody gives two sh*ts right now. Sorry.

swice2836d ago

Because N4G = PS3. Not saying I agree with that, but it's becoming more and more true. Thank you for keeping the fire going. I'm not cold though...

KeiserSosay47882837d ago

Can't wait to play the beta. I love me some halo.....jetpacks!!!

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