Mario Party 8 most popular Mario Party to date

When Mario holds a party, you know its going to be huge and the latest instalment, Mario Party 8 for the Wii is no exception. The title has now sold over 550,000 copies since its launch in the United States on May 29th. "The overwhelming response not only reminds us how much fans absolutely love the Mario Party franchise but also proves the unmatched ability of the Wii system to attract new players," says George Harrison.

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leon764186d ago

the most popular and the worst game of super mario party

PS360WII4186d ago

leon76 it's pretty cool that one can creat an account and so quickly become a hater. I couldn't help but check your history and seems pretty clear you hate both MS and Nintendo... well at least we can point out you troll the MS and Nintendo forums. Must be really upsetting to know that both of those companies are doing so well in the gaming world.

unsunghero284186d ago

Gotta hate guys like that.

But even then, he DID say one thing right- this is probably the worst version of Mario Party yet. I like Nintendo (a lot...) but I was quite disappointed to see how badly the Wii remote was utilized in this game.

PS360WII4186d ago

oh yeah I never played any of the Mario Parties so I'm not certain about this title as well, it's not like the Wii really needed this title so much seeing that they already have plenty of this genre