PlayStation Phone In Development At Sony Ericsson - WSJ Editor

CC: Last month Sony Ericsson boss Bert Nordberg gave a huge hint that some sort of PlayStation phone is in the making. Now though, it seems the speculation is becoming reality.

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mjolliffe2833d ago

They'll have to persuade a lot of third party devs to make games for it if it is true, and able it to have games developed easy like the iPhone.

SpaceSquirrel2833d ago

that's pretty neat although the controls could be a problem.

movements2833d ago

Man, I wouldn't mind having that phone! What? Uncharted 2 on my phone? FTW~!

scruffy_bear2833d ago

A PS Phone would be awesome

Valay2833d ago

Guess we'll see how it turns out if it really is true.

NYC_Gamer2833d ago

i'd buy it long as its affordable and comes with good features

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The story is too old to be commented.