Sony: Lots of News Tonight from GDC

It's GDC 2010 week and game companies usually reveal some new announcements during the event. Tonight, Sony will be holding their GDC conference and they are expected to make several new announcements that will make lots of news.

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King_of _the_Casuals3149d ago

Sony, I have serious doubts about your motion control. PLEASE show me something so I can get excited! =)

Megaton3149d ago

I want game announcements, but I think it's almost entirely gonna be a mix of motion and 3D stuff.

phosphor1123149d ago

Please PD... I'm begging D=.

Sigh.. as long as they show something awesome for Arc I guess.

mugoldeneagle033149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

G4 was supposed to be covering Sonys event tonight? When I checked my guide all I saw was X Play, Attack of the Show & then Cops...I couldve sworn I saw a commercial for it though

EDIT: @xiphos - Yeah, I had just looked at that online when you posted. Thanks for the heads up though

Mista T3149d ago

I'm gonna watch a stream from instead

InfectedDK3149d ago

PlayStation Arc news = Yes pls.
GT5 release date: Yes pls.
PSN Premium by user choice: Yes pls.
Video Store for more EU countries like my own: Yes pls.
PS2 emulation: No thank you.
In-game voice chat and music (XMB): Yes pls.
More game news: Yep.
More news on games like FF14, Blade n Soul, NCSoft games: Yes pls.

Just waiting for the show, my GoW III copy to arrive and a fantastic year with great games and movies.

Btw. VidZone is great, Home is getting there by time and PSN is getting along very well.

Greetings from Denmark.

Shang-Long3149d ago

Is anyone else as excited as I am to hear what they have planned?

WhittO3149d ago

Whats 7pm GMT time ?

Tried Google but I always have trouble finding timezone converters haha

zeeshan3149d ago

I hope ARC doesn't require Batteries like 360 and I hope you could simply recharge ARC just like PS3 controller. I hate to buy AAA batteries or seperate battery rechargers.

BattleAxe3149d ago

I bet MS is going to have some big news clothing that 360 users can purchase for their Mii Avatars.

On Sonys side, I'm still waiting for an official anouncement for Syphon Filter 5.

zeeshan3149d ago

I really don't think they are going to announce much. It's going to be pretty much all about GOW3, GT5, ARC and Sony's 3D gaming plans. E3 is where my heart lies :)

WhittO3149d ago

I think the batteries will be AA, but will last a couple of months, like the PS3 Bluetooth Remote, so that's long enough for me.

spandexxking3149d ago

i dont want to wait untill E3 for them to reveal starhawk.
i want starhawk ;_;

HolyOrangeCows3149d ago

King_of_The_Bungie must have missed E3 2009 where everything was tracked in under a second.

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GR8 13149d ago

Sony has chosen the Wii path and should be disgusted by dragging there company name in the dirt.

Microsoft have chosen the Innovation way and came out with NATAL which of likes have not been seen before. I choose Innovation than a Rip-Off.

infamousinfolite3149d ago

You and every fanboy here disgust me so. Why troll the PS3 section so much your jealous of the games we have, huh?

sikbeta3149d ago

Please Guy, stop Lying To Yourself, M$ wanted the PS2 Fanbase, but now that even the grandpas and unsatisfied wives buy Wii consoles and giving the fact that there are more "casuals" than Real Gamers, M$ want to steal some sales from Nintendo...

xaviertooth3149d ago

natal has no gaming chance nor potential. fact.

Roper3163149d ago

I would change it a little

" Natal has no CORE gaming chance "

I think Natal will be fine with Milo and kick ball but when it comes to core games I think it will fall hard. But I also think Natal will sell a butt load and then you will have a bunch of core gamers with a casual device and they will all be like WTF is this and it will end up like the HD-DVD addon.

rawd3149d ago

Time to dust off the PS3 Eye. It's been a while

Blackcanary3149d ago

all over again i so can't wait :)

Redlogic3149d ago

I've been very anti-motion control up to this point, but strangely I'm excited to see what the Arc can do. Now I know its wireless it really gets me pumped. I wanna see some hardcore games with motion control...gimme gimme gimme!

infamousinfolite3149d ago

I actually liked motion controls since Nintendo released it.

WhittO3149d ago

Ye, I'm like that for E3 haha, great with all the news and all the sites going down lol, all the shock-news :D

jack_burt0n3149d ago

the MEGATONS lolz I am looking forward to the gdc shows for sure :)

WhittO3149d ago

^^ ye haha, which are usually MS buying out another Playstation Exclusive!

Hoping Killzone 3 is dropped like a Megaton this year! Can only imagine what that game looks like having been improved upon the L2 engine!

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Morituri3149d ago

I hope that it doesn't bore me to death.

MaximusPrime3149d ago

in my experience, sony's conference are never boring..

MS on the otherhand.... really bore me to death

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