PC Gaming Up 3% For 2009, $13 Billion Revenue

Gamespot writes, "The trade group today--whose stated mission is "to develop and promote solutions that drive the PC gaming industry forward"--released a report prepared by DFC Intelligence that found worldwide PC gaming software revenues were up 3 percent for the year to $13.1 billion. Besides retail, that includes downloadable sales, subscription and microtransaction fees, and online advertising, none of which is included in the NPD numbers."

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chak_3083d ago

that's good for PC as a whole, though I still find funny two of those companies are microsoft and epic.

let's be honest, they don't give a darn about PC gaming.

where is GOW2, fable, alan wake, age of empire 4, flight sim, dungeno siege (etc)... ?

I want them now :o

Charmers3083d ago

It's the PC Gaming Alliance, the best way to deal with PCGA stuff is to just totally ignore it. The goal of the PCGA is NOT to support and promote PC gaming. The goal of the PCGA IS to figure out a way to screw more money out of the PC. So it is just best to treat this "group" with the contempt and scorn they deserve and just ignore them.

champ213083d ago

PC is doing great overall.

Companies like Microsoft and Sony can try kill it, even the press ignores it. PC just keeps trucking along growing every year, seeing a console die generation after generation.

Being the longest living platform unsupported by any company and still doing so well is great.

ryuzu3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Um, if you hadn't noticed Microsoft and Sony are both heavily dependant on the PC market as major income streams - neither of them want it to "die" and not dying includes supporting gaming since that drives hardware and software sales. Without gaming, there'd be no need for curring edge hardware and the software that supports it.

In fact, if the PC Market dies, MS goes with it since that is where the bulk of their corporate revenue is generated.

As for the comment about Epic - Epic make the Unreal engine, and just like 360, a lot of games license that engine for PC. Epic also get a significant revenue from that - in fact I'd hazard a guess that the unreal engine pulls in more revenue for Epic than the GeoW franchise.


Pandamobile3083d ago

Epic just launched a big deal Steam to use Steamworks in UE3 titles.

holyorangecows23083d ago

It's mostly because of social gaming like Facebook and such why its up.

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strembones3083d ago

Microsoft has really blown it when it comes to the PC. They could of done something good with GFW live back when they brought it out and Steam wasn't the Steam that we all know now. They could of really connected the PC and 360 and would of made a killing. Now Valve is laughing all the way to the bank.

I've bought about 20 PC games in the past year and everyone of them has been off of Steam.

The PC has been and always will be the best platform for gaming. Its all about the keyboard + mouse in my world. The 360 controller and dualshock feel like you are playing games under water. And don't get me started with all this stupid motion controller crap that is coming out..

champ213083d ago

not only did ya buy 20 games, got to play a superior version. you saved atleast 200-300usd compared to getting console versions, thats pretty big in my eyes.

Aphe3083d ago

Yeah, same here. I like console gaming but nothing beats gaming on a pc imo.

dirthurts3083d ago

I love it. Nothing like it. I hope to see a steady climb in growth.

TABSF3083d ago

Spent around £600 on my PC Steam games
The console counterparts would be a minimum of £1500

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