For Santa Monica, There's No Rest After God Of War III, Two New Games In The Works

You'd think after 3 long years of laboring tirelessly to release one of the best gaming experiences ever created, that God of War III devs would take a break. They're not; in fact Sony Santa Monica already has two projects in the works.

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TOO PAWNED3173d ago

Why are you guys surprised? Santa Monica is now almost 150 ppl studio,that's like Isomniac or Zipper, two game in preproduction makes sense

sikbeta3173d ago

Santa Monica Only Does EPIC Games, so TWO Games by Them is Pure WIN

TOO PAWNED3173d ago

"“One with a kind-of long-range, ‘Here’s what we’re gonna do years down the road’, and then another one that’s, ‘Here’s what we’re gonna do as the very next project’.” - does it mean PSN + big project or what?

alphakennybody3173d ago

if one of those games was Kinetica 2 it would be awesome.

raztad3173d ago

Anything SM is working on, something is granted, is gonna set the graphical bar yet again.

Very excited. While so many UC2 fans and Gow haters were arguing nothing couldnt beat Uc2 or GoW3 was meant to be GoW2 HD, I knew SM was about to deliver the best looking game on any console. Great hopes for anything they have in the works.

zeeshan3173d ago

2 NEW GAMES!???? :| SANTA MONICA! Oh what are you going to do with us. We can't handle all this awesome. No wait, we CAN!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

SONY SANTA MONICA FTW!!! Sony First Party Devs FTW!!!!!!!!!!

ico923173d ago

one of them is Twisted Metal

hazeblaze3173d ago

PLEASE let one of them be Heavenly Sword!!!

HolyOrangeCows3173d ago

I hope they make one game a lot like GOW (With a more complex combat system, as much as I enjoy the GOW one) and something else that is completely different. And using similar technology.

deeznuts3173d ago

Anyone watch Rome? What if SM flipped it and did a spinoff with you playing some crazy Humans instead. Like Titus Pullo in the series Rome.

lovestospoodge3173d ago

jesus christ santa monica, take a break. u act like what you've done was no big deal. trust me, it is. i mean u could work on dlc or something but 2 whole new games? it's called sleep, u've all earned it

FamilyGuy3173d ago

yeah, that many people can't be expected to just be siting around instead of working on their next big thing/s.

Could you imagine being on the GOW3 team? I'd say it would be something to be proud of, to be able to say you had a part in a game like that is huge.

badz1493173d ago

after watching that GoW3 Aphrodite vids last 2 days, that phrase still sounds so erotic! seriously, I need my GoW3 fix now! and I think I might purposely screw up (pun intended?) the button mashing during that scene! LOL!

back on topic, 2 more games for SM studio? HELLZ YEAH!

Maddens Raiders3173d ago

welcome the change that comes from this tremendous studio. No rest for the wicked.

deafwing3173d ago

... they increased their studio size (for GOWIII) but Game Studios have some of the highest Turn-Over Rates in the game working world; and that's a bad thing.

Simply put, they'll hire/fire according to their "current" and most pressing needs; they tend to shrink, or dare I say it, lay off the majority of their staff, when they don't need them.

Sony SMS is perhaps an exception to this rule due to their success - but it will be continued success in whatever they build for gamers that will keep their numbers and game creating abilities high.

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NYC_Gamer3173d ago

ps3 just keeps on getting more exclusives..

immortal843173d ago

for Santa Monica's upcoming games. I'm playing GOW3 now and it's amazing. thanks santa monica.

movements3173d ago

They've set a new standard.

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