Sin & Punishment Star Successor US Box Art Revealed

On June 7th, Nintendo of America will release Sin & Punishment Star Successor, the sequel to the Japanese-only (well, in the US on the Virtual Console, anyway) Nintendo 64 Treasure-developed original. The Wii shooter has been available in Japan for several months now, but it'll be another two months and change before we get a chance to play it on our shores.

But while we wait, Nintendo has offered us something to hold us over: the official box art for the US version.

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dgroundwater3117d ago

Looks like some genius at NOA caught the old "Americans won't understand or be attracted to the Japanese cover which is too 'sedate' and 'artsy' to get peoples' attention" bug from the 80s. As far as official art, it's nice but the monster takes up almost all the focus of the cover. "Hey dumb bargain bin custom0rz!!!! Put down that Chicken target game!!! Look at the rox0rz Monst0R battlz!!! SEE THE MONSTER???! THIS GAME HAS MONSTER BATTLES AND IS A SHOOT0R!!!"