Sony files trademark application in Europe for "Playstation Move"

From The Netwerk:

"The name of Sony's new motion control may have been revealed. Sony has filed for a trademark in Europe for the name "Playstation Move." They have also filed for a trademark for the design logo above. This certainly sounds like a safe bet, but we are sure Sony is not just going to hand over the name to us."

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LordMarius3200d ago

sounds more like a game to me

captain-obvious3200d ago

sounds like something thats ARC related

young juice3199d ago

it could be the ps3 version of wii fit,

but if they are gonna call the controler "move" i think they should spell it a wierd way

ps muve
ps moov

Megaton3199d ago

Wii Fit was the first thing that popped into my head.

zeeshan3199d ago

Captain Obvious is obvious in this case! :) I hope it's a name of a game or app and not the Wand/Dil...!

Comet3199d ago

PS Move sounds good to me...

bnaked3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"Move" is the perfect name. Great decision by Sony..

FamilyGuy3199d ago

Maybe it'll be what supported games will be labeled as? Like the back of the game box will have the "move" icon. I dunno but I have a feeling we'll all know in about an hour or two.

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tiamat53200d ago

Come on. I know Sony better then that. They would never call the device the Playstation Move. Definately a game of some sorts

CrimsonFox133199d ago

They called the new PSP PSPGo... Which sounds kinda silly. I remember when it was leaked, a few people didn't believe it because they thought Sony would never use a name like that.

bioshock12213200d ago

Playstation move sounds better to me than playstation arc just never really liked the arc name.

Sevir043199d ago

MOVE, i cant wait to see what they unveil along with their games it'll be interesting. EA and capcom already have big name franchises backing the MC and they already have some decent first party games aswell as 1 or 2 block buster first party games supporting the platform, so i cant wait to see what they come up with tonight.

I'll be watching eyes peeled

user8586213199d ago

My guess.... the name of the motion controller

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The story is too old to be commented.