Final Fantasy XIII Sells 450,000 Units in the Americas on Day One

A very strong start for the latest Final Fantasy title with two thirds of sales on PS3

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LordMarius3205d ago

"two thirds of sales on PS3 "


Pennywise3205d ago

I bet overall sales are more. I would think 2/3 is about right.

chaosatom3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

2 million in Japan for PS3 version.

So around 85%-90% percent of FF13 sales from PS3s.

When will Square learn? Focus on PS3, and cut the losses.

rroded3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Surprised so many 360 owners are getting this actually.

If it keeps up ill go as far as ta say it was good thing they put out a 360 version. Might jus get a lot of gamers to broaden their taste good news all round XD

still this is vg chart so we got to take the numbers with a grain of salt.

Christopher3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

160k on day one for the 360 is more than the typical multiplatform title for the console. So, while the PS3 is dominating, this is a success for MS. Good initial numbers and 160k people bought it for the 360 rather than the PS3, preventing them from buying the PS3 console and sticking with the 360 on other games.

Sure, the PS3 will dominate, but don't kid yourself in thinking that this isn't a success for MS as well. Microsoft isn't in it for the profit, they're in it to take away any advantage the PS3 could have.

van-essa3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

"owned... "
I don't get it, who is it that got owned?

Fishy Fingers3205d ago

I dont really understand why people say things like "when will SE learn?", MS probably paid for the development, so any sales from the 360 version will be a plus in their eyes.

raztad3205d ago

The gap could have been much bigger but GoW3 is just around the corner, this is a no brainer if you arent a FF hardcore fan.

darthv723205d ago

and for what system? I wont ridicule you much like others might. I will be buying both. ps3 to play, 360 to collect. I have my reasons so don't be hating.

The Wood3205d ago

FAIL...nomatter what the ef they say

van-essa3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Why would Micrososft do that and not release the game in Japan?
The cost of making games has risen with the new gen of consoles and Square-Enix wanted to sell more copies so they made the game multiplatform.


Why would it be a Sony exclusive is Sony isn't publishing the game or funding developement?

Fishy Fingers3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Obviously I do not know the in's and out's of why the 360 version was released in some regions and not another, perhaps because of the 360s woeful install base in Japan, But from Famitsu:

"Microsoft is footing the bill for Square Enix’s FFXIII breach of PS3 exclusivity contract. No idea how much money that entails or the exact deal Microsoft worked out with Square Enix, but the fact there is not Xbox 360 version announced for Japan is telling. Square Enix does state how porting the game to the Xbox 360 should be easy"

It's a port and not a completely new development so costs would not of been as substantial as you may think, plus it's clear it didnt receive as much attention., and lets not forget, MS are rumoured to have paid $50m for the GTA DLC, that is half the total development budget of the game, if they want something, their obviously willing to pay for it.

sikbeta3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

It can be good and all but the majority will feel a bit disappointed with the Game...


I'm not talking about Graphics and such, cuz everyone knows which is the Better version, I'm talking about The Game Itself, seems like this Game was made with "FF nøøbs and casuals" in mind...

van-essa3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

You shouldn't take everything the internet says as the word of God. It doesn't make sense. Why would you pay for a game to be released on your platform and then not release it in every region?

Many games that don't even have a tenth of FF's popularity have been released in Japan before, so why not this one? It was either Square's call, or Sony is the one who paid for exclusivity in Japan.

Panthers3205d ago

Where is that guy that predicted higher 360 sales? LOL

Fishy Fingers3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Did you read the Famitsu comment? Perhaps including Japan would have been more costly on the contract breech, and due to the install base making it pointless.

Yes lesser games have been released, but MS have not had to buy said game out of a contract to release it there.

Yes I realise everything on the net isnt correct, but Famitsu should know more about such things than most, and basically its all I have to go on, rather than just guessing, which no offence is what your doing.

" or Sony is the one who paid for exclusivity in Jaoan." They initially had an exclusive contract for the game, not just Japan.

van-essa3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Did Famitsu say how much M$ paid? No, they're just guessing, like you mate.
By your logic, M$ paid for FFXIV, Sony paid for tales of Versperia and couldn't fork out enough money to release it in the west, the also paid for Eternal Sonata...

If they really had an exclusivity deal with Sony, then they would have had their asses sued for breaching the contract. They had no such deal, the only reason FFXIII was announced on the PS3 first was because of Playstaion's past. Square assumed PS3 would be what the Wii is today.

Foliage3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

@ van-essa

You can't be serious... how are you forgetting all the timed exclusive deals Square has had with Microsoft recently... the exclusive ad campaigns, the exclusive bundles in NA for Microsoft?

Microsoft have often paid for some form of exclusivity, or to get a game out of exclusivity by paying for ad campaigns that are free of charge to the developer. Add that in with the large sum they surely paid.

The real difference here is that Microsoft are renowned for using money to cover up shortcomings, while Sony is not.

Are you also forgetting the initial trailers stating the game was a PS3 exclusive? Do you think they suddenly changed their minds because they wanted to release the game in specific regions on another platform? Use your head and accept the obvious. Everything isn't a conspiracy because it doesn't support Microsoft. Step out of their propaganda campaign and join the rest of us in the realm of common sense and reason.

Not only did Microsoft pay to get this game on their platform (They paid $50 Million for timed exclusive DLC, imagine how much they paid for an actual game to get out of an exclusive contract?), they also received a gimped version of it that is inferior in every way.

red2tango3205d ago

Not only is Sony outselling in the Americas, they own 18.6% of Square Enix which means they make money off the 360 version as well. FF13 is exclusive in Japan, and Europe will also have higher sales on the PS3. So yes, it is dominating in Sony's point of view.

Fishy Fingers3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

"If they really had an exclusivity deal with Sony, then they would have had their asses sued for breaching the contract" ????

Again, >>read<< the Famitsu quote: "Microsoft is footing the bill for Square Enix’s FFXIII breach of PS3 exclusivity contract. "

Famitsu are a Japanese gaming magazine that know FAR more about the Japanese games industry than you are I.

I provide you with information and if you choose to ignore it so be it :/

catguykyou3205d ago

Why wouldn't they buy it on PS3 if they have that option? I mean, it's like the people who bought Basyoneta on PS3 instead of 360. You are just an idiot. Am I right?

FamilyGuy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Does anyone else think that a japan release of FF13 on 360 would've done better?

I mean, it's obvious that Japan likes FF more as half the PS3s install base bought it so I don't think it would be hard to imagine half of the 360s install base in japan buying FF13 for their system (if they don't have a PS3). And that number would be somewhere around 500k on day one compared to this lousy 160k.

The only thought I have against this theory is that, because Japan is a more wired country, more of them would've known the 360 version wasn't as good and skipped it or got it on PS3 anyways.

M$ paid just to say "We have it too." They knew sales wouldn't be higher or even equal on their platform. The actual sales don't mean too much to them but they do want SOME of their investment back, hence the 360 centric marketing campaign.

van-essa3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Although I disagree with Fishy, he's very reasonable and having a discussion with him is really entertaining. You on the other hand, not so much. Your comment from start to finish reeks of fanboy propaganda.
Don't bother responding to mine next time and I won't bother with yours either.

-MD-3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Look at how one-sided the argument is! 1 day sales of the 360 version vs total Japan sales of the PS3 version.

Of course this is N4G though.

Blaster_Master3205d ago

Agreed RRODED. That just proves how many idiots there are in the world. FF13 on the ps3 should be selling 3/4 easily. Im ashamed to even call most of you gamers.

qface643205d ago

am i the only one who thinks 450k day 1 for a big game like this and MULTIPLAT nonetheless is no big deal???

shadow27973205d ago

A very strong start for the latest Final Fantasy title with two thirds of sales on PS3

3:2 for the ps3.... seems low even in the US

Who taught you mathematics?

The correct ratio would be 2:1, and yes, there's a big difference.

Anyway, this was expected. Playstation franchise (for consoles) and the better version is on PS3. Not to mention the many people who bought a PS3 for this game before it went multiplat. I'll be interested to see what the NPD report shows.

3205d ago
Consoldtobots3205d ago

"You shouldn't take everything the internet says as the word of God. It doesn't make sense. Why would you pay for a game to be released on your platform and then not release it in every region? "

thats probably what it took for Sony not to sue the pants off Square Enix AND MS. Breach of contract is breach of contract, no amount of money changing hands could've changed that. UNLESS Sony was compesated for the breach of contract. So lets see, officially the deal was to NOT release in Japan and IMO (unofficially Sony saw this as an opportunity to expose the inferiority of the 360). Win Win if you ask me. Sony probably made MS pay them back their entire investment in the title. OUCH>.

AAACE53205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I was actually starting to buy into the negativity the people on here were saying about the 360 version, but I bought it anyway.

I was shocked at how good it looked on the 360! It may not run at 1080p but whatever it is it looks dam good to me. The only thing I noticed about the graphics was that lightnings hair looked a little funny in some scenes because it had lines running horizontally through it, but other than that... nothing to complain about. I don't know if the Ps3 does that or now.

When I first played it, I just ran the disc and the loading for stuff took around 15-20 seconds. The next day I installed the disc on my 360 and the loading was cut to about 7-10 seconds.

For those wondering about the install for all 3 disc, its like 5.9 Gb, 5.8 Gb and 6.6 Gb. Total 18.2 Gb install.

@SiteNBlogger Defender... Why are you not impressed? I said several times that since FFVII, the franchise has been selling fewer and fewer units, which is the reason why they decided to go multiplat in the first place.

You would think that a game like this should have sold 2 million over here like MW 2, Gears 2 and Halo 3. But FF fans aren't what they used to be. Not to mention all the negativity the game has been receiving has killed some of its sales.

Thank you fanboys, your hate is hurting a beloved franchise. You complained about the game being gimped to fit on the 360 so that people wouldn't buy it, you will probably be pissed off when they gimp it to fit on the Wii because enough people didn't buy it. J/K

@Pennywise, I knew the Ps3 version would be the better/superior version. I'm just trying to point out that the 360 version isn't a total mess, as some would have you believe.

Pennywise3205d ago

aaces, Ps3 version is pure eye candy. I am running it off the disc with no install and no loading screens at all. Technically this game runs excellent on the PS3.

DaTruth3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Whatever has been lost from the game would have to be theoretical gameplay. We don't know how different the game would have been if it wasn't multiplatform, all we can do is guess it would have been more open.

But the graphics(on PS3) have not been downgraded or I can't imagine how the game would look! The character models are the best I have ever seen. Lightning's character model looks amazing! Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are clearly doing a lot more technically(physics, background graphics, A.I. and just about everything else gameplay related), but FF13 character models for the win!

Reviewers and N4G users who played the Japanese version never made it seem this good or were unable to convey it!

HolyOrangeCows3205d ago

So much for the articles claiming that the 360 version would outsell the PS3 version.

3205d ago
Cyrax_873205d ago

I remember when this was announced for the 360 at E3 and it was supposed to basically guarantee the death of the PS3. Look how small the impact was.

Alvadr3205d ago

Its an excellent game, well worth the wait and I couldnt be more happier with it. Glad to see it doing so well. SE have put so much care into this game.. I cant even get bored of watching the opening credits before the title screen.

I dont know why reviews are being so negative. First reviewers complain that JRPGs are getting stale and boring. Then along comes FFXIII which trys so many new things and reviews complain that it does too many things different. People just dont like change.

Well I for one would love to see more JRPGs like this, excellent story telling, battle system that never gets old, linear design blended with open world.

The game has evolved just like each one of its predecessors. Its the reason why the series is still going is because it keeps reinventing itself. Its unfortunate that people are passing on this game just because it isnt FFVII.

Consoldtobots3204d ago

"I remember when this was announced for the 360 at E3 and it was supposed to basically guarantee the death of the PS3. Look how small the impact was."

it just proves that sony is wayyy ahead of the curve knowing when to hold on to titles and when to let go.How silly would they have looked getting into a bidding war for a title the only sells half a mil day one in the states. That's what MS will never understand about Sony, true leaders don't need to live off another company's past glory, they make their own brand new franchises that gamers flock too. Being that 90% of these are coming from first party studios it effectively erases MS's wallet from the equation. game set and match.

Syronicus3204d ago

Well, well, well. It's nice to see how you are now calling your own favorite company a bunch of idiots considering it was not more than a month ago that they were staking claim to the idea that FFXIII would sell better on the 360. So go on, call MS a bunch of idiots and that you are ashamed of them. It matters not to me.

rroded3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

2:1 would b the ps3 version selling twice as much as the 360 version article says two thirds...

maybe u should go back ta grade school m8?

anyways to al the haters out there games made now even if it was gimped nothing we can do about it so as gamers why not jus b happy more people get ta enjoy it? no matter how much it sells its not like any of us are making money on it right?

edgeofblade3204d ago

@sikbeta: Agreed. Nothing, not Achievements and Cross-game chat, now graphics and 50 gigs worth of HD cutscenes can make this steamer of a game any better. Honestly, which console you pick this up for could not be more of a non-issue.

Guitardr853204d ago

actually...this is an epic fail for the 360!!! How many millions of dollars did they probably pay Squeenix for it to come out on their how much did they pay for marketing for their system?

And they only sold 160k??? I call this pathetic.

Sony didn't even market this for the PS3 and still sold a hell of a lot more!

I love how people try to spin things no matter what...

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SiteNblog Defender3205d ago

Not impressed with the sales. I expected more.

Bea Arthur3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Well we are all sorry that half a million in 1 day doesn't impress you. What would impress you, out of curiosity? Just because it didn't sell like Halo 3 or GTA4 or MW2 doesn't mean those numbers aren't impressive. Most games don't ever sell more than half a million.

TheoreticalParticle3205d ago

That this is a VGChartz patented "Roll 2d10" sales guess. These numbers, in all likelihood, have absolutely no bearing on reality.

FamilyGuy3205d ago

Final Fantasy is a HUGE franchise and this is a "core" title in the series. I hope VGC is off by a lot because this looks pitiful to me.

Day 1, in americas (north and south?) this is extremely disappointing. I was expecting at least 2 million day 1. The other games in the series average around 7-10 million life time and this 450k day 1 looks like FF13 won't reach anywhere near those numbers.

Just think, 5 million SHIPPED, 450k sold? SE have got to be disappointed if this is true.

Blakzhuk3204d ago

360 will sell more in the long run. Right now 360 gamers are playing a real game, BFBC2.

Square new what they were doing and were wise to chose to put the game on the 360.

MorganX3204d ago

I don't think MS cares about numbers. It is more important to them for this title to NOT BE PS3 exclusive. Doesn't hurt that the game isn't getting the greatest reviews either, especially since the PS3 version is superior.

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chaosatom3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Suck it bots!!

Where are you bungie?? "but....but 360 version will selz more"

hahaha, join me.

infamousinfolite3205d ago

Hahahaha yea where are they? Let spin this.

W831SOLIDSNAKE3205d ago

Bu bu bu TeHhhhhh sAleZzzzzzzz N N t t tEh Multyplats HAHAHAHA DUMB BOTS

EAT THAT!!! And die got dam it!!! DIEEEEE!!!

Anorexorcist3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Anyone who said FFXIII would sell more on the 360 are completely blind F'n idiots.

They emulate their hero Master Chief, who which gets the stupidity party started for them here:

Montrealien3205d ago

wow, trolled much?

Why do you guys let yourself get man handled in such a manner. Getting played by trolls is oh so sad.

Now, if you don`t mind, I will go and play me some God of War 3.

nycredude3205d ago

Not that I am saying this number is accurate, since it's vgchartz, but if so this is even worse than it sounds. The Americas includes the US right right, where the install base for the 360 is dominant, so the attached rate is WAY higher on the Ps3. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyhow I am one of the ps3 owners.

avengers19783205d ago

so much for the xbox version out selling the ps3 version.

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eagle213205d ago

"The game launches in other regions on Friday and VGChartz expects a similar figure of around 500,000 units to be sold in the first couple of days with the PS3 version leading by at least 2:1."

I agree with the PS3 leading 2:1 part, everything else is :)

Eternally333205d ago

The PS3 is leading with 3 to 1, yeah I think that's more like it.

Blaster_Master3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

But teh gamez sell me on teh 360. LOL! Imagine how many would have sold if this was a ps3 exclusive? Metal Gear Solid 4 anyone? Oh thats right, squeenix cut out half the game just so they can fit it on 3 disk for teh 360. LOL.

Denethor_II3205d ago

Xbox gamers just don't buy games like us PS3 gamers.

3205d ago
plb3205d ago

A lot of people purchased a ps3 at launch just for this title. 360 numbers are good though and I'm sure square is happy

DevastationEve3205d ago

Xbox 360 gamers buy games by the millions dude. I don't even need to type anything further, but I myself have 24 games.

Orange Juice3205d ago

ps3 gamers buy games too, maybe even a larger variety than xbox guys. I have 47 ps3 games not including download and I'm not the only person on my list who buys games like that. Just because some games don't blow their whole load in a week doesn't mean there isn't anyone trying to do their part by buying the good releases.

Christopher3205d ago

I don't disagree with your sentiment that 360 owners buy games, because they do. But, your following argument showing the number of 360 games you own doesn't represent overall market trends, otherwise my 60+ PS3 games would kind of squash that trend.

DevastationEve3205d ago

Lol, well I'll admit that my total pales in comparison to the numbers you guys claim. I never said I was a collector, just that I didn't leave it at one or two shooters.

Also I was quoting the total I have currently, I must have sold off around 15-20 games over the years that I've owned my Xbox 360. I might add 10 games this year alone, it's just that I don't hold onto old games all that much. Unless they really mean something to me I usually get rid of them before they depreciate too much. Sorry, I'm the cost conscious gamer.

Christopher3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I'm cost conscientious, I just never sell my games. Buy for $20-30 all the time, but don't want to get rid of it, even if it sucks arse. Did the same with PS1 and PS2, still have them on the shelf next to my PS3 and 360 games :)

Edit: Hilarious that people seem to disagree that using how many games an individual owns as the trend for the general public is a poor option. At least based on the people who disagreed with me above.

I swear, do most of you even read what people type before hitting agree or disagree?

Blakzhuk3204d ago

Xbox gamers buy a larger variety of games. PS3 gamers just buy shooters. MGS4, UC2, Resistance, Haze, KZ2...all shooters.

Xbox gamers have shooters as well as puzzle games, tons of rpg's and platform games.

Jump In!

lovestospoodge3204d ago

the irony just killed me a little inside

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