Japan Review Check: Yakuza 4, Bad Company 2

This one includes not only the scores,but also what Famitus said about these games: Yakuza 4,Battlefield: Bad Company 2,God of War Collection and Darksiders.

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ryuzu2994d ago

I've been enjoying Yak3 despite the clunky feel and poor graphics and I hope Yak4 comes west reasonably quickly this time.

However, having a try on the Japanese Yak4 demo I'm disappointed to see the graphics are only a marginal improvement over Yak3 and (at least from what I've seen of the demo) it looks like the game might not be any bigger or more open.

Still, Yakuza is a heavily story driven series and from those comments that looks to be jsut as strong in Yak4 so that's good news.