Godly Giveaway: Win God of War III Ultimate Edition

PSLS writes:

PlayStation LifeStyle is proudly offering up a copy of God of War III: Ultimate Edition in our week long 'Godly Giveaway'. What better way to prepare for God of War III's launch on March 16th? Want to enter to win God of War III: Ultimate Edition?

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Bnet3432931d ago

Mmm ... I'm drooling. Whoever wins this will not be disappointed.

decimalator2931d ago

Wow, that's an EPIC prize! I can't believe only 6 more days, been waiting YEARS!

doctorstrange2931d ago

Not long now, shame I couldn't afford the collectors edition, whoever wins is a lucky bugger

JonnyBigBoss2931d ago

The Ultimate Edition? Who wouldn't want PANDORA'S BOX in their household? Nothing like storing your keys in something that is used to bring chaos to mankind.

ThePlaystation3guy2931d ago

I had a copy pre-ordered by had to cancel. Damn bills!

user94220772931d ago

Why is the UE so expensive in the UK...

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