TheSixthAxis: White Knight Chronicles Review

TSA writes: "Princesses are so annoying. You could bind and gag one, cast invisibility on her and drop her in the middle of the arctic with a raft of killer robotic polar bears as bodyguards, and she'd still find a way to get kidnapped by an evil knight or eaten by a hungry gorilla.

This time it's Sisna – the daughter of the King of Balandor – who's not been paying attention to who she's been adding on Facebook, let her personal details slip and it's off for incarceration by the evil Magi cult for her. Check Balandor in your atlas if you don't know where it is; it hasn't been on the news much lately."

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callahan093119d ago

I was expecting lower from them, they've been rating every PS3 exclusive below the average lately, except for MAG which if I recall correctly they gave an 8, which is a little above the average. I guess they don't have any real predictable trends. Anyway, I agree with this review. I don't agree with a lot of theirs, but I agree with this one.