PS3 motion controller nunchuck is real, wireless

A rock solid CVG source at GDC in San Francisco has told us that not only does PS3's motion controller have a nunchuck add-on - but that it connects wirelessly to the main device.

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LordMarius3115d ago

oh yeah
more excitement for tonight

Lucreto3115d ago

It is on at midnight in the UK but I will be watching it tonight

-Alpha3115d ago

I don't get the purpose of it. Right now they say it's to change colors when something happens during gameplay and to personalize user controllers but it seems very pointless and very big. It could be for tracking with PS Eye though.

A wireless nunchuck was just what I imagined as wired wouldn't be Sony's style as they tend to go fancy. I'm now 100% sure I will adapt to the motion control because it's supporting core gamers which makes me completely confident in the product. All that's left to do is see the games roll out.

Apocalypse Shadow3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

if this doesn't explain to you why sony went with the bulb that's used by dozens of companies to ACCURATELY capture something....

don't know what may look funny to some people,but it works.

it only looks like some adult toy to the long as it works for ALL TYPES OF GAMES,i'm ready.

bring it on sony.

wonder why this guy and others are wearing all those ridiculous balls on their bodies.i wonder if it captures motion accurately?hhmmmmmmmm......

lokiroo4203115d ago

This officially blows motion plus out of the water.

rroded3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

yep it lets em track the ball via pseye with extreem accuracy n from what we've seen demoed its lag free too. should b a big step up from the wii tho im surprised its so similar now with the addition of the numchuck...

wonder if they'll have six axis suport on em as well?

Fishy Fingers3115d ago

The "bulb" is how the camera tracks the controllers movement, but more importantly where it is in a 3D space, this is what differences it from the Wii. In very basic terms, the size of the bulb seen by the camera allows the camera (software) to accurately judge distance from its position.

JsonHenry3115d ago

I am actually excited about this motion controller. Playing an Oblivion like game with a sword and shield could be really cool if done properly.

OnlyOnN4G3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Here's a mock up from neogaf as described by a poster whose seen the nunchuck...

He also adds that there are slight differences between the mock up as he describes...

"This is very close. the top of the nunchuk is rounded and not angular but other than it looks spot on.

edit: The nunchuk didnt appear to be quite as contoured as this picture, however I'm trying to base this on a picture I saw on Sunday morning whilst hung over!"

eagle213115d ago

I bet Microsoft will rethink Natal six months after it releases. Playing a game without controls is so niche it won't put a dent in Nintendo or Sony's sales. :)

captain-obvious3115d ago

i want to sword fight darth vader with that thing
in 3D

sikbeta3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Well, at least it's Wireless, I remember once I was at some nintendo-fanboy [not a wii-fanboy] friend and he was playing with the 2 things, don't remember Why but the [email protected] point to the left and right at the same time with so much powa'r that he kind of break the cable-link/whatever the 2 devices use, was a [email protected] Moment

-Alpha3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

well as long as it has a purpose. I like the fact that they added different color lights to personalize it. Actually, I do like how it looks, but it just looks unusual to me.

Also, Eagle21, I agree. I find that Natal wont offer core games, however MS knows what they are doing. Their main focus was to attack Wii's market, and motion control does just that. I honestly cannot imagine playing Gears with motion even though they intend to implement games like that. Also I disagree that Natal will suffer from sales. Last I checked they pulled some technical specifications to lower cost so I'm fully confident that Natal will sell-- I just don't agree with the audience.

infamousinfolite3115d ago

So I wonder what will happen to Nintendo next gen, what will they bring? What will they do? Sony goin wireless with the nunchuck is already giving Nintendo a run for it money... BEFORE it releases.

zeeshan3115d ago

^ You can do some real cool stuff with EyeToy or Natal but to be honest, playing without controller is weird and I just don't see it working tightly with games that demand percission and quick reflaxes (FPS, Fighting games etc).

Sony's done the right thing though. They are going after Wii's market with a HD console. Developers will rush to it and I hope so would the gamers.

jack_burt0n3115d ago

It has to light up to work in the dark.

Bargu3115d ago

I hope they use this to make some RTS on PS3.

Bubbly3115d ago

It's not really a nunchuck(s) If it's wireless.

beans3115d ago

Would be cool if they launched a bubble suit or bubble gloves.

3115d ago
-Alpha3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Aw, too bad for you. I didn't know I needed your approval to like a TV show and use an image. I find your comment ironic considering your username.

Lol, like I said keep crying. I used it because I like Dexter, and now that I know you are so offended by it I'll just use it longer ;)

3115d ago
FamilyGuy3115d ago

Even at E3 they said that only two motion controllers could be used at one time so it having a wireless/bluetooth, analogue control makes sense as the PS3 can have 4 bluetooth controllers connected at once.

The Great Melon3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )


I wouldn't say developers would rush to it because HD games are typically more expensive to make; however, now that two consoles have similar input methods (Wii and PS3) we will likely games have corresponding versions for both platforms. It will also make developers now think a little more about motion control rather than view it as a gimmick. Hopefully this will not only improve Sony's stellar lineup but also reinvigorate the Wii.


I have had the same idea. The thought of controlling sword in a game has always been dream in games. It'll be great to see that come true if the E3 demo was indication of what is to come.


Very true. The nunchuck name almost requires the cord to make sense.

jack_burt0n3115d ago


I think i have seen some dev pics that have four controllers red, green blue and yellow. Could be wrong though.

davekaos3115d ago

I think this nunchuck device will be mainly used in fps games.
Going from the mockup picture it has an analogue but no bulb so the device wont be tracked via the ps eye so in what im thinking you use this as as moving left right forward backward and the actual "ARC" is used for player movement.

Not sure on this but can two "ARC" be used at the same time???

IrishAssa3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

NATAL and this together with 3-d would be F***** amazing

tda-danny3115d ago

Don't listen to him... Dexter rocks!!! Best show on TV currently =)

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40cal3115d ago

I just hope they went with Bluetooth.

alphakennybody3115d ago

of course its gonna be bluetooth its one of sony's stong point.

Redlogic3115d ago

but i freakin called it!! Sony granted my wish!

szmissz3115d ago

Yes, its true. I saw it personally, and i have a photo of it but i can't show it to anyone :(((

I'am looking it right now...

Bea Arthur3115d ago

Have a Wii, not really excited about another Wii controller for my PS3.

Tony-A3115d ago

And that's exactly why I love options! =)

Bea Arthur3115d ago

Well you enjoy it. If I wasn't married I would never turn my Wii on.

Tony-A3115d ago

Hey hey, I never said I was buying this thing ;)

I just mean it's nice to be able to say no to this and still enjoy the console.

supersonicsaga3115d ago

Does the sony orbs work in the dark?

If so I prolly will pick one up too.

Fishy Fingers3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

It has an internal light (which can change colour) inside the ball, so yes it will work in the dark.

I guess the dis-agreer is upset about that? :/

saint_john_paul_ii3115d ago

it needs the orb to light up in order to work, so yes it works in the dark.