Aliens vs Predator Outfits Available In Home

LONDON (10th March 2010) – SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that full outfits from Aliens vs Predator are now available on PlayStation® Home Thread Store for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. These costumes, a male and female version for each species in the game, are offered as complete packages, but also available to download separately.

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Lykon3120d ago

home just gets better and better , my personal favorite is the alien. i'm suprised there isn't more coverage of home , it's a great social and gaming space.

CharlesDCI3120d ago

The new update 1.35 should make it even better..

KeenanTheSavage3120d ago

yeah, Home's really bustling with activity.

TomVanDamm3120d ago

From the two articles, one said for the UK buy them before they are gone on March 31st. The other article said they are available for purchase on March 31st. So, which is it and will I be able to get'em in the US?