PlayStation Home 1.35 Launching Tomorrow

Posted by Jack Buser // Director, PlayStation Home

Hello again Home Community,

I am thrilled to be back on the PlayStation.Blog to share some exciting news. Tomorrow we will be launching PlayStation Home 1.35, a new client update that will include some very significant enhancements that will make your PlayStation Home experience even better.

This update will bring several of the changes that you, the PlayStation Home community, have said are most important to you. Most notably, this update features faster load times, giving you quicker access to PlayStation Home and all the great content within. The new 1.35 update also enhances the login process. Now, once you have launched into PlayStation Home from the XMB, you will be transported directly to a new intuitive navigator, without the need to click through message screens.

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Godmars2903055d ago

And we still have this "beta 2.0" to look forward too.

Pennywise3055d ago

What are the proposed features for that?

Bea Arthur3055d ago

presto717...agreed, if it was actually popular I would understand all the support but no one on my friends list ever goes in...ever. They keep pumping money into a service that barely anyone uses. It's baffling.

AridSpider3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Wow do people actually still use HOME? I'm waiting on the promised features for HOME and then I'll use it...maybe. I want my movie theater to watch movies, ability to share videos etc with friends in my space and more.

But in all seriousness, HOME is just lame as it is right now. Yeah yeah, before you go throwing "its still in teh betaz!" at me, Sony can slap beta on the side of that thing for eternity and never get to where they want...whatever that is. What IS the point of HOME truly? If it won't work I'd rather them just use those finances for something else.

And on a completely off-topic side note, OMG The Tester is one of the stupidest things I have ever watched. W...T...F...of all the things we ask for on PSN they give us that crap?!?!

TheHater3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

you and me both. I am still waiting for all the promise features that was first announce for home but hasn't showed up to this day.

Godmars2903055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Its less in your face than XBL's copy of it and Miis, offers up tons of content for free and just as much paid, and again gives you the choice of using it.

The only ones I'm interested in are faster loading and an option to explore paid personal spaces before buying.

Though between Planetland and Cabin space I don't think I'll buy another.

Shang-Long3055d ago

I have a good number of friends that use it. I like home, it's a free feature so I donno y ppl try to bash it. I think home will be a beta towards the end of the ps3 life then it will expand into the ps4

Bea Arthur3055d ago

MariusElijah...every time I go in Home (about once every other month), nobody is in there. I didn't say no one uses it I just said most people don't. I mean aren't their like 20 million PSN users and how many people do see in Home at any given time? So I am speaking for myself, and a crap load of other PS3 owners.

Godmars290...yeah but Mirosoft took the best part of Home (the avatars) and put them on the Xbox. True the Live avatars are always there but from a business standpoint that is a smart move because people are always wanting to change the appearance which equals $$$. Home would have been better if it had the option to replace the dashboard with your Home apartment and then you had the ability to access all of the dashboard features from inside the apartment. For instance if you wanted to change the console settings you could have a computer that you access inside your Home apartment. If you just wanted to play games you could have a virtual entertainment center where you have a PS3 and a TV to access Blu-ray's and games. That way you constantly have PSN users accessing Home but you could still leave it as an option to turn on and off for those who weren't at all interested. Home is a ton of wasted potential at this point.

Tony-A3055d ago

"With now 12 million users around the world playing games, attending special events, watching videos, listening to music, and..."

They have plenty of people in Home giving them money. I like to visit it once in a while myself. It's actually pretty successful. The only reason some people don't think it is is because it's not mainstream. It made over $1 million in it's first two weeks... when there was nothing to do or buy in there.

xTruthx3055d ago

Dang bea then I dk whats wrong with your home cus I get in once or twice a month and its always full, so i dk how you don't see any 1 in it. I can never get not play bowling cus its always full.

Dave13513055d ago

haha good old playstation home, I got banned twice from this place so I suggest everyone stay away from it.

I told too many black jokes then told off this openly gay guy, oh good times

Godmars2903055d ago

Home is more than the simple icon system that the XBL Avatars are, which is more akin to the PS3's dramatic themes. Takes "the best" from Home in the form of paid content, but then charges exorbitant prices for it.

Not thankful a stupid lightsaber cost the same in Home.

I think the only thing more annoying than hearing people who have never tried it or even touched a PS3, will be all the coming complaints that when media launching finally comes to Home, that it will more than likely be part of a paid service.

menoyou3055d ago

Home is a crappy barbie doll game Sony uses idiots to buy digital clothing and furniture. Only when they bring back voice chat will it be a real social app worth using.

Tinted Eyes3055d ago

Yall do know playstation home is used by 50% of Americans regularly right? Same in europe

Biggest3055d ago

Before the Home beta I was excited. Then I was very disappointed. But about a year later, after noticing 2 friends in Home, I popped in and was pleasantly surprised. There are lots of people in random areas of Home. The only detractor I can find is the text chat. Using voice would be better. But I also imagine that it could be more annoying. It being a free service that seems to try new things often is what makes it worthwhile for everyone to at least check out. When a new game is released, go into Home and see if anything has been set up. There are always game launch "parties" and events. It has the casual gamer feel to it as well. Tons of stupid mini games. There is a gotdamned Loco Roco penguin racing circuit for God's sake. I don't know what Sony's full plan for Home is and I won't assume. It doesn't hurt me in the least having it there. Some people use it and that is fine. I hope to see more people use the clan house feature to be honest. It almost took off for WarHawk. I don't always use Home. But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.

Bea Arthur3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

DWeezy91...12 million users means 12 million people have entered Home, hell for all we know they may count people that have just downloaded the file or people that had to re-download it. The point is that when I use Home I don't see nearly as many people as I would think in there. I'm sure there are a few thousand in there at any given time but that is not very many when you consider how many PSN users there are.

Godmars290...I'm not saying that the XBL version isn't over priced, but people clearly pay for it and they didn't have to invest the same amount of money that Sony did in developing home. I'll admit it, I have bought a couple of things for my avatar because it is always there so I have a reason to change its appearance. On the other hand I have yet to spend a dime in Home because it just isn't interesting enough to use. The overall point is that Home hasn't lived up to the hype and if Sony is thinking about charging a subscription for any part of the service it would be a mistake on their part.

Tinted Eyes...define regularly. I use it once every other month and I might fall into the "regularly" field.

Pennywise3055d ago

Gods, I was actually fishing for info on beta 2.0.

Greywulf3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Look... if you don't use home, thats you. But many many many many many people do. Hate all you want, but there is a reason they keep spending money, because people buy stuff in home. The sad thing about the morons, is that HOME is optional. Why are you hating on free options?

Do you guys honestly think that no one is using it? So Sony(a business) Is just spending millions of dollars for no reason? Really guys? Lets think about this.

And yeah, those of you pretending you're waiting to use home for trophy rooms *yawn*. You aren't, you wont use home even if it has them. The way home is setup, trophy rooms just don't make sense. You have to convince people to come to your house to view them, or convince people to go to your trophy room. Why on earth would I care to see your 3d trophies, when I have the same thing at my house? Do you think its going to be impressive? Are you going to login just to look at your 3d trophies? How often do you just look at your trophies 1x1 in the list?

Unlockable items/perks are far more interesting than Trophy rooms. Having a shirt that everyone knows you have to be badass to get(like the street fighter gear). That actually made me want to play the game more, and try to get the shirt.

There are a lot of things HOME had in concept, but in reality they don't work. Yet it doesn't put an immediate halt on the fun you can have in home.

Godmars2903055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

No, the truth is that Home isn't interesting enough *for you*. That most - *most* - of the people saying it hasn't lived up to the hype don't even own a PS3. That what for you've probably spent for a shirt or an accessory for your XBL Avatar I got a personal space and a mini-game.

"Regular" for me is about 2-3 times a week if not more. I was on all week last week because I bought the Sodium shooter space which has at lest two demos, a trainer offered in the open space then 5 levels out of 50 from the full game.

And that was $6.

There's also the "Make.Believe" thing they're currently doing which got me a VR drum set of all things.

I'd have to be in Europe and in the beta to answer that, and then I couldn't answer that because of NDA :p

Mr Logic3055d ago

Your friends list is not a representation of all PS3 owners. Although I also rarely use home the blog says that 12 million users use Home. If each one buys a $.49 t-shirt that is some serious dough.

Sevir043055d ago

lol!!! you guys crack me up. HOME is quite a successful platform and its generating revenues for all the developers who use it. and its paying off. world wide HOME has a live and bustling community of 12 million Users online at any given time of the day, for a service thats free and has debuted in 2008 and have since gotten new rooms and features month after month.. i find it funny how you all say no one uses home... From Sony them self and i'm sure they have the servers to track the people count who use it across the world so their would be no reason about lying or inflating their numbers.

"With now 12 million users around the world playing games, attending special events, watching videos, listening to music, and meeting new friends, there has never been a better time to join the PlayStation Home community."

There is money to be made and it's making the people who use it love it for the wealth of features it's getting. These things take time, but Home today is a far cry from the the bare bones offerings it was when it launched in 2008 December. and the rate at which it's been growing with support from various titles and development sponsorships is thriving. I'm happy that Sony has been supporting it and it's community are reaping the benefiting from it, the 12 million that use it.

Tony-A3055d ago

That 12 million isn't the total. They've said before that, on average, 10 million people visit Home on a weekly basis. That was said 3 months ago. I could find the link, but I feel that would take too long and we'd all forget about this topic by then.

Even if it was 12 million totaled, that's a ton of people... slightly under half of the entire install base.

darthv723055d ago

if it improves the load times then I may use home more often. My buddy is in it most the time. I myself have not been in it since xmas.

Bea Arthur3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Mr Logic...I'm going to assume that someone with the name Mr. Logic is smart enough to know that saying you have 12 million users is a very broad statement. Without details we can't really know if 12 million have used it over the course of its existence or if 12 million people use it on a regular basis. I'm not saying one way or another but Sony wouldn't be the first company to pad their stats or use deceptive rhetoric. All I'm saying is that "12 million users" is open to interpretation.

Godmars290...yep, it's not interesting to me. I wasn't saying it isn't interesting to everyone I was giving my opinion on why I don't use it, and I believe my opinion is shared by many. And like I was saying for Mr. Logic, "regularly" is a subjective term. We don't know what constitutes regular use in Sony's eyes.

DWeezy91...well whether that is true or not I would need to see proof because when I am in there, there is not a lot going on. But the point is that 12 million could be everyone who has ever accessed the service. That means the guy that downloaded it, tried it for 10 minutes and deleted it is included in that 12 million. Hey, maybe I'm wrong and a crap load of people use it but when I'm in there I don't see anything that would suggest that about 10 million use the service.


I go in multiple areas, I don't expect them all to be in the mall.

Tony-A3055d ago

Dude, you have to realize that 12 million users won't be found in one room. There are plenty of reasons why you don't see a ton of people in one space:

Different Servers - Whenever the max is hit for amount of people in one server is made, a new one is made. I've gone into spaces where I was the only one. This isn't because I'm the only person in that space, because there are plenty of others. Let's say 100 people fit into one server for the US. Once the limit goes over, the 101st person gets put into a new server. Imagine 6 or 7 servers of 100 people. That's just ONE space. There are over 15 in the NA Home alone.

Personal Spaces - Club houses, personal spaces and secret areas are all over the place. Everyone has their own, and the casuals love inviting friends to their personal space. I happen to travel from clubhouse to different personal spaces when me and my buddies from my PS3 clan go to Home to launch into a game together. Now imagine at least hundreds of people doing the same for the NA servers alone.

Countries - You aren't in the EU, Korean or Japan servers if you live in NA. There are many different countries with their own Home servers, which is exclusive to that country. NA servers don't cross over to EU (unless you glitch). Every country even has their own Central Plaza design and exclusive spaces.

k2d3055d ago

Home is hardly a community...

Sony could do alot improvements on this part.

FamilyGuy3055d ago

I pretty much want Home to be a virtual myspace (though I personally don't use myspace)

I also want all the features they promised initially but I don't think it's possible now.

jack_burt0n3055d ago

Its not really for kids or teenagers imo, alot of the ppl on it i have met bowling and stuff are people you can actually have a conversation with.

If you want to talk to someone just use your in game phone, for a free service home has been great for me met some decent psn friends on there.

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Mr Logic3055d ago

Apparently you don't like Home going by the disagrees. Go figure.

Redempteur3055d ago

i actually use home a lot ..

not much these days since i'm overflowed with good games these days on ps3 .. so 'ill gladly come back to check the faster version ..

ps: people screaming what's the point should just let it go ... some people like it , some don't .. either it's a success ..

How do i know it's a succes ? it's still getting updates !
if it was a flop sony would have moved on long time ago ..
But each time a new event is made in home ..the place is flooded with people ...

Bea Arthur3055d ago

I like some of the changes but they are too little too late for me. The loading times for me killed what was already a very average experience. Because I barely ever go in, every time I enter a new area I have to re-download it. Going from my apartment to the mall would take like 6 minutes.

MysticStrummer3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

As a regular Home user, I'm glad the load times are being improved and I'm interested in the interface changes, but this sounds like a pretty underwhelming update overall. There's nothing here to bring in new Home dwellers, or keep the ones who are already in Home but bored with it. It's funny that many of the comments on the source page want open mic chat back. Sorry, but that is most likely never going to happen. It's bad enough to see all the loser stalkers/racists/trolls at work when they are typing. Hearing them talk is just too depressing. If anything, open mic between friends MIGHT be an option in the future. Letting us play our own music and movies within Home is the biggest thing that can be implemented, but that also seems unlikely to happen. (EDIT) Those who say Home isn't popular or profitable are fooling themselves, but more needs to be done besides adding new spaces and items every week.