WDT: Toy Soldiers - Xbox LIVE Arcade Review

James from Wedotech writes:

"When I was a child I didn't play with army figures and I didn't re-act famous war battles. I didn't play with Barbie either but that didn't stop me turning out batting for the other side and wearing a dress or two. In fact, my childhood was actually all about Wacky Races, Tom & Jerry and the Atari ST. I grew up on the likes of Stunt Car Racer and Impossible Mission. I never found Action Man at all interesting either. I feel a lot of this boils down to the fact that the interaction was never immersive enough, you needed the ability to make believe and as far as I got with that was pretending to be a pro BMX rider, pedalling to the metal through woodlands with my mates. However, Signal Studios has brought the toy chest to life and in some way's I'm kind of gutted that I never got to forge battles on my living room floor, because I never knew it could be this much fun."

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