Gran Turismo 5 could be delayed to late 2008

The release of the highly-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 could be pushed back as far as late 2008 says director Kaunori Yamauchi, who wants the game to be absolutely perfect before it's released.

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Audiggity4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

See above.

*EDIT* Wow... you guys took my post wayyyy too literally. My apologies. Of course the PS3 will be around that long, I honestly feel bad for PS3 owners because of how long they've waited for a bunch of quality titles. That being said, on 360 we only have a COUPLE solid exclusives... we're not drowning in them by any means.

I think it's funny that I made one small, sarcastic comment and it lead to (8) disagrees and a thread of console sparring.

Hell, if Blue Ray officially wins the HD race and HDDVD's are eliminated... I'll have a PS3 the next day. And GT5 sometime in 2011 when it's released... for PS4.

FreeMonk4186d ago

Oh come on. I'm not the biggest Sony fan in the world, and yet to own a PS3, but we all know the PS3 will be around next year, and I'm guessing by then doing quite well.

It seems a lot of games are getting put back to 2008 though. MGS4, FF13?, and now this!

Delays are not good. I know they shouldn't rush games out to the stores, but Sony need to start getting extra staff in or something and get these games completed a little earlier so that the consoles start selling in the region that the Wii is at the moment.

Husso4185d ago

LOL you dont mess with sony with GT fans around.

hazeblaze4185d ago

Actually MGS4 is still 2007 and FFXIII has been scheduled for 2008 since the launch of the PS3... so there aren't any delays there. However, a lot of their 06 titles were pushed into 07 and some of the 07 titles have seen pushes of a couple of weeks or more. I'm sure there will be a more solid idea of which games come out when after E3. But for now it appears that most of the major games are staying on schedule... I wouldn't put it past them to give us more delays but games releasing around the holiday are under more pressure to release on time b/c their profits decrease significantly otherwise.

ShiftyLookingCow4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

I lost my bubbles for posting a stupid comment about Mass Effect jumping to PS3, I meant to joke, yeah it was stupid but people thought I was serious

"Hell, if Blue Ray officially wins the HD race and HDDVD's are eliminated... I'll have a PS3 the next day."

agreed. but until Universal gives up, it isn't over which sucks for consumers

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Loudninja4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

This game was know to come out somtime in 2008, with all the detail going in the cars, it was common knowledge

TheMART4185d ago

No. It was expected to arrive @ Spring 2008, not Christmas 2008.

TheMART-sucksdick4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

But it will be worth the wait.

Every ferrari from the past 60 years (confirmed by Jeux video)
NO damage. (shame)
Most realistic physics ever (Edit: thats my opinion, i could be very wrong)
In car view
Rumours about Koenigsegg being in the game.
Real sense of speed (video showing Le sarthe on Jeux video)

That makes me happy, i'm playing forza 2 at the moment and that is great, could GT5 be better.... Wait and see people.

InMyOpinion4186d ago

I think it will be awesome and look better than Forza 2, but I doubt it will have as good physics.

risk4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

GT5 does indeed have damage.

edit nvm just read the no damage part :/

OldSchoolGamer4185d ago

Forza calculates damage and physics at 60 FPS 360 times a second, versus no damage and physics at a lower rate. Someone needs to drop the crackpipe. Will it look prettier? I am sure, all arcade racers so far have: Motorstorm, Dirt, ect.

TheMART-sucksdick4185d ago

Another fanboy, how old are you kid??? 16? Drive a car and find out what GAME comes close. Not forza 2. Forza 2 is a semi realistic game. GT4 and GTHD and GT5 are pure hardcore sims... I'm playing forza 2 at the moment with the MS wheel. Let me give you some facts.

1. Why is it so easy to control snap understeer in FM2, the cars move too slowely. That doesnt happen with a real car. When drifting with a real car snap understeer will accour if counter steer is too hard and too early into a corner (bad driving) In forza 2 i can control Understeer with a slow movement of the wheel, NOT REALISTIC. In GT4 Understeer was very hard to control, you need to know where to have your wheels straight coming out of a corner. REALISTIC (i use the G25) It took me 4 weeks of practice to clean the nurburgring on GT4, it took me a day on forza 2. On forza 2 i turn all aids off and the cars still feel too stable, On GT4 i turn all aids off and its bloody monster. (most cars). Forza is no hardcore sim, ask any real race driver.

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CG4186d ago

Hhhmmm i have a funny feeling that Gt5 will be competing agianst forza 3.

TheMART-sucksdick4186d ago

september 2008, its a shame. But it tells you they are putting so much effort into the game.

calderra4186d ago

It's well and good that they claim to be working so hard, but for example they're still not putting in damage. Forza has damage and Forza has licenses most of GT's same manufacturers and cars, so the argument that manufacturers won't allow damage is problematic at best.

Until the GT team prove they can fix the worst issues with the series, it's hard to take the "want it to be perfect" bit so seriously.

Anyone wanna take bets that the AI, which people have been complaining about since GT1, is still going to suck?

Havince4186d ago

thats aimed at any idiots who took the p1ss out of the apparent mass effect delay

Loudninja4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

What does Mass Effect have to do with this?Has was it push back?When it suppose to come out in 2008 anyway?Was there a solid date? No there was not