Complete N00b Guide to StarCraft 2 Beta - Part 3

The fourth part of the Complete N00b Guide to StarCraft 2 Beta continues with the Zerg.

Starcraft: IncGamers' ego helps new players through the insectoid race and gives tips and hints on how to use their primary units.

The perfect guide to someone new to StarCraft, but interested in getting to know the game, as it will be launched in just a few months.

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Eoweniel2907d ago

Good, good... *Emperor-voice*

Cogo2907d ago

This is StarCRAFT, not Star Wars :P

Leord2907d ago

I think it's more of a general "all is good in the empire, and progress is made" kind of comment...

Bubbly2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Scotty, beam me up, there is no intelligent life down here...

DJDarkstar2907d ago

Nice, another in a good line of Guides from Ego hehe.

Cogo2907d ago

I have like 4-5 friends now in the beta who really can use this :P

Leord2907d ago

It's hard guides. I mean I am not on the level where I sit watching this video with my mouth open in surprise over the new info but a thing or two in there is actually quite useful.

Dorjan2907d ago

These are very very good for easing a player in!

Some very useful things like the waypoints!

Cogo2907d ago

Yes, since Waypoints did not exist in Starcraft I in this extent, I think it's something many will miss, even more experienced players.

There are a lot of similar techniques used in the game to save time.

Pro SC gamers complained like children since their uber skills would not be as apparent, haha.

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The story is too old to be commented.