Steve Ince Interview - Broken Sword Writer/Designer (Alternative Magazine Online)

Alternative Magazine Online's Marty Mulrooney has posted an interview with video game designer Steve Ince:

"Steve Ince is that rare breed of game designer that embraces the gaming community wholeheartedly. He has been involved in the creation of some of the biggest adventure games of all time, including Beneath A Steel Sky and the Broken Sword series. Over the years, I have seen him chatting with gamers in various forums, discussing not only his own work but other games within the adventure genre as well. He is as much a fan as a creator and this enthusiasm always shines through.

Nothing has ever been quite as surreal as popping Broken Sword: The Director's Cut into my Wii a few months ago whilst twittering with Steve about the series: like many of the old Revolution Software crowd, Mr Ince is always a pleasure to talk to. Hopefully, I can now pass this pleasure onto Alternative Magazine Online's readers as well. Without further ado, I am delighted to present a recent conversation between myself and Mr Steve Ince…"

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Ascovel3139d ago

I definitely would love to see new games like the original Broken Sword or Beneath A Steel Sky.