RawGamePlay's Sneak Peak of the EA Media Day in NYC

DualShockers writes: "They're back! Michael Hurdle and Corey Ashley, the same two guys who exposed Gamestop for blacklisting the competition during the MW2 launch, have returned. In the latest episode of the RawGamePlay show, the guys give you an insider's look into the event EA held at a secret location in NYC. Give it a watch (or a listen) as you'll hear about upcoming stuff that we cannot talk about until tomorrow, As well as a cameo by HHG! Enjoy the clip below!"

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Ninferno3205d ago

that was awesome what they did with MW2 and gamestop

taz80803205d ago

EAERA is coming out swinging with their latest lineup. Good video.

iiprotocolii3205d ago

These guys are hilarious, if you haven't seen their previous videos. Good sneak peek - looking forward to the rest.

JoelT3205d ago

can't wait to talk about MoH tomorrow!

JoelT3205d ago

"...In he JUNCTION!" I remember that video so well. It was hilarious!

Hitman07693205d ago

Good Work RGP and DualShockers!

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