Jeuxactu reviews Santa Monica's God Of War III

God of War III is an exceptional game, it would be foolish to suggest otherwise. The series has never been as close to perfection, with a realization breathtaking, a memorable soundtrack and, above all, a hero whose charisma Bayonetta passes for a girl candy. The brutality that emerges of the game is certainly something, but this should not detract from the ease with which one solves puzzles, coupled with too many checkpoints, which tends to kill a little challenge. But God of War III kneel when we attack mode "Chaos," which gives the opportunity to note that developers of SCEA Santa Monica Studio made the fights a bit more technical, even if they are not as old as those under PlatinumGames. The PS3 has enabled the staging of God of War III to cross a plateau and rediscover the series when it was thought to know by heart.

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