Activision 'doesn't just churn sh*t out'

Blur developer Bizarre Creations has defended the track record of mega-publisher Activision - commenting that the US giant doesn't "just churn shit out".

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Hellsvacancy3055d ago

Well, in MY opinion they DO, and i base that on the fact that i aint bought ANY of there games 4 ages, i dont think ive even rented any, all i can think of is MW2 which i hated (hence y it was a rental)

JOLLY13055d ago

I don't get it. You are basing you opinion on nothing? Have you played any of their games, besides modern warfare (which I hate too)? I just don't understand your comment. They publish bad games because you don't buy their games? That just doesn't make sense to me. I haven't purchased any of their games, but that is because I don't like the guy running the ship.

no_more_trolling3055d ago

thats just ur opinion
its not a fact

how can u put opinion and fact in the same sentence

Hellsvacancy3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Well lets hav a look at sum of Activisions games lately shall we

Call of Duty 3,MW,WAW and MW2. I rented all those games, if i had bought them i would not of been a happy bunny

Guitar Hero, played it at a BBQ once, didnt like it (and i LOVE rock music)

Wolfenstein - Rented it, DIDNT like it

Transformers - I know i wont like it so wots the point in tryin?

Prototype - Next 2 Res5 its the WORST game ive played this gen

Enemy Territory Quake Wars - Oh dear

Spiderman - Same as above "oh dear"

Quantum Of Solace - Rented it, it was Pooh

Kung Fu Panda - Not even worth my time]


Well thats afew of there games that i can think of, ALL of them awful games

If a games good (imo) ill buy it, if it isnt, its coz its crap and i hated it, i KNOW wot games appeal 2-me and wot games dont

JOLLY1 - YOUR comment is EVEN more retarded, your tellin me u dont buy games (no matter how good they r) coz u dont like the dude that makes them (i dont like him either) well thats just stupid

And as 4 NoMore Trolling u can kiss my arse, i aint even gonna waste my time on the likes of u

execution173054d ago

they only just multiple games of the same name out every year to have a bigger impact on the market lol

darkmurder3054d ago

Activision holds gun to Bizarre's head: Err sure we'll do anything please!

Lifendz3054d ago

and, consequently, kill the demand and anticipation of their biggest IPs. I'm in love with the Modern Warfare games. I know that many of you hate them but I'm hooked. One of the reasons why I'm hooked is that I get to enjoy the newest iteration of a Modern Warfare game for 2 years before the next one drops. Now look at Guitar Hero. Holy crap. By the time you buy one it seems like another one is dropping in a few months. Rock Band is doing it right. Let it "marinate" for awhile as some would say. Let people buy the music on your store and maybe let your game move units at a lower MSRP for awhile.

Activision was fortunate. They got IW for a bargain, they capitalized on that music game genre, AND they purchased the biggest cash cow out there in Blizzard. 2 of 3 of those moves are in serious jeopardy. I don't buy the Treyarch COD games because I'm sick of WWII shooters and I don't need more than one music game. Maybe I'm alone here, but I think Activision is in serious trouble in the console least until they get a WoW game on the consoles.

zeeshan3054d ago

Hahaha, that is funny because IMO, that's EXACTLY what they churn out each year! When was the last time they started and supported a brand new IP? Hmmm... lets see.. hmm... Prototype? And?

MiloGarret3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

That's still just your opinion. Another persons list might look like this:

Call of Duty 3,MW,WAW and MW2 - I bought all those games and absolutely LOVED them all.

Guitar Hero, played it at a BBQ once, had a blast with my friends and bought the game later.

Wolfenstein - Didn't quite live up to its predecessor but was still a competent game.

Transformers - I love transformers and I really enjoyed kicking ass as a Decepticon.

Prototype - Next 2 Res5 its the BEST game ive played this gen

Enemy Territory Quake Wars - Yeah that's just crap...

Spiderman - Hug fan of spidey, it wasn't the best game ever, but I enjoyed it a lot more than say... MGS4.

Quantum Of Solace - Bought it, it was great.

Kung Fu Panda - Not really worth my time, but my kids really liked it.


See, opinions. Just because you say it's so, doesn't make it so.

BTW - Activision does "churn shït out" on a regular basis.

Mike134nl3054d ago

Sometimes they don't. But after they released a good franchise which the people seem to like they start churning out sh*t.
Makes you wonder how they will mess up blur if it turns out to be a good selling title.

tudors3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

for saying it's just my opinion but based on fact? that doesn't make any sense buddy.

CoderDunn3054d ago

I wouldn't call COD4 sh!t (I had hours of fun at LAN parties with this game), but MW2? Yup, it's sh!t.

Solidus187-SCMilk3054d ago

The just churn COMPLETE [email protected] out.

and then fire the [email protected] churners before paying them.

bjornbear3054d ago

opinions are usually meant to be based on certain facts...

the general public's opinion of Hitler is bad because of what did (opinion), which was murdering millions of innocent people (fact).

see how it works? opinions are based on certain facts...but not always all, hence why they differ, being SUBJECTIVE

if you take in ALL the facts, you are looking at something OBJECTIVELY

+ I agree with hells', I haven't BOUGHT any Acti games in a while (since COD4) but have played Guitar Hero and MW2 and was so disappointed, that considering what they have to offer, have NO interest in them what so ever.

bioshock12213054d ago

Yeah I agree they do churn sh*t out a lot. Just wait if blur becomes a success you can definitely expect it every year. Just like they do to all their successful franchises they start out great and then just keep milking them until no one cares anymore.

aaron58293054d ago

I have a weird feeling that Blur will be another sh*t churned out by Activision.

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Hotel_Moscow3054d ago

thats youre oppinion though that you dont like their games

mastiffchild3054d ago

But it IS true that they have as good as killed their GH series by milking it to death and have even made their top cash cow and talented devs in /IW look shabby by making them cut every conceivable corner while bringing us MW2, no?

That isn't a way of working that's indicative of them caring about the quality of their games now is it? Sure, you might like their games but, also, that doesn't make them good and nor does lots of people buying them esp when we can see a downward spiral in the quality of their two largest console franchises. MW2 is STILL a mess on line, they cut back on QA and beta tests, cut PC dedicated servers and failed to offer them to console gamers when they needed to and the marketing budget for the game dwarfed the production budget which shows even more that they're more interested in selling a lot of games than selling a lot of GREAT games and while Booby the tight is in charge this will always be the case.

the sad fact is that MW2 was the third release in three years of what amounts to the same basic game reskinned and with ever decreasing in quality SP stories./ the corners being cut are having the same effect as pushing out a GH bundle every other week and Acti might as well see that people are getting wise to their grabbing ways that hurt the rep of even the best developers they deal with. The clash at IW hasn't happened by chance you know.

the deal, as I see it with Act/Kotick, is this:they'd rather sell 1,000000 average games for £50 a piece than 2,000000 great games at £25/£30 a pop even if them getting them out quicker and more cheaply and therefore at a lower quality-which is the net effect gamers feel from all this greed and dev de,moralising behaviour.

It's slash and burn economics in many ways and they'll come, imo, to rue the day they went this far and, even worse, allowed Kotick free reign to say some of the most awfully greed centric BS since MD in Wall Street declaring "greed is good!". A whole company of Gordon Gecko's under Kotick's banner of instant returns and maximum greed and sod the quality! Perfect, just friggin perfect. did they learn so little from watching Ea when they were the Devil's own publishing house? I'm not proud to say that I won't buy another Acti product until things change on their side as I'm more concerned about those willing to keep filling their pockets while Acti look for more and more ways to sell you the same sweets in different wrappers and under slightly different names and with slightly less fresh ingredients year on year.

They also have a problem with COD now, imo. Come , say next years release at the latest, that COD4 set up will need major tweaks to stay competitive with everyone else upping the FPS ante while they're alienating the best talent they had! So, with IW either gone or, more likely, scattered to the four winds because of Activision's draconian greed measures just who, on their rosta, would you trust to maintain the levle of success so far this gen while overseeing a pretty big reboot of the franchise and maybe a brand new engine? Painting themselves into tighter and tighter corners every day because of their awful business style.

dredgewalker3054d ago

I agree with most of what u said but good God man calm down and try to keep it short. Im no Activision fan either and i hate how Kotick handles business.

Marty83703054d ago

But they don't pay ther devs royalties.

Bea Arthur3054d ago

How many CoD franchises are they going to have now? I've lost count.

kingme713054d ago

A Wii version, an action style CoD and the main yearly CoD recycle. I'm sure a few handhelds thrown in for good measure.

Bea Arthur3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Exactly. Sounds like the just churn crap out to me. At least for some of their IP's.

wicko3054d ago

Not to mention Guitar Hero Spinoffs.

Bea Arthur3054d ago

wicko...good point, they have beat that franchise to death.

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DelbertGrady3054d ago

I really like the Blur multiplayer beta. I love how basic the controls are and how well-balanced it feels. It's a rush to play.

Convas3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I really like Blur and I'm planning on buying it, but I really wish that the proceeds for the game wouldn't go to Beelzebub's ... ermm, I mean Activision's Pockets.

It's in Bizarre's best interest to butter up Activision's image, and if it's true that Acti gave Bizzare more time to step up their game (Read CVG's Blur Preview, it'll show you how much things improved) then more power too them. However, I still don't trust Acti, and I fear I never will.

However from what I'm seeing in Previews and on Youtube, Blur looks like it could be a breakout hit in the Racing Genre this year. On the one hand, I'd like Blur to succeed because it's a novel idea that I find even more attractive that Split/Second: Velocity, but on the other hand, I'd hate for this game to explode in popularity and fill up Acti's Coffers once again. Only time will tell I guess.

3054d ago
DelbertGrady3054d ago

Yeah. I've always liked Bizarre and I hope Nazivision and Kotick don't ruin their game.

@_vx - Not surprised that you got 3 agrees for that intelligent reply. Keep that up and you will have 10+ bubbles in no time. That's the kind of behaviour the N4G mods seem to reward.

mastiffchild3054d ago

Well, IDK Soda he doesn't seem to be gathering many atm. Yeah, I'd almost forgotten that game and, yes it looks OK and could prove good given the talent at Bizarre though i haven't been into any betas nor played it at a mates as of yet(will do so, however)even if it means I'm even more gutted when I refuse to buy it!

Thing is some things are more important to me than getting every game I want to play(I've baulked at buying Forza3 even though ?I like the series because of T10's awful Greenawalt inspired nonsense. Won't buy Acti games because they bleed them dry if the first is successful. Wouldn't buy a PS3 til sony grew humble again. Haven't bought MAG yet afeter Zipper's big mouthed comments even though I loved the betas and am currently struggling over whether /i feel I should buy Alan Wake when it comes out because I think the way they led PC gamers on for FIVE years before giving a BS "intimacy" excuse and cutting them off-which really wrankles as AW was one of the games I initially bought my firsyt 360 to play!)as I feel that rewarding some companies and, by association, the way they act or do their business which I consider bad for gamers and/or developers. Yu realise the danger here is that should Blur be amazing, sell well and garner a big followin Acti will want the next one out a year later with no time to improve or even make it the same quality as the first game was. Bizarre will either farm it out to get a chance of a good thrid game, rush it themselves or cut every corner they feel they can and end up with a second game NOTHING like what they imagined and even less like we'll likely want. either way it leads to a depressed developer and ripped off gamers in my book and IDK how to support the developer without joining the spiral of crap Acti will unleash on any successful new IP the moment the think the F word is relevant(The F word being FRANCHISE for those asleep at the back!).

Seriously, it would almost be better if there were NO talent under Kotick's evil batwings(lol, I mistyped and put "Kotick's evil batwang" first time out! Even his genitals are sinister.)as then it wouldn't be so hard trning my back on every single thing they're connected with. I guess it's just a rental-best answer of a bad bunch for me I suppose.

Anyway, good one to bring up Soda fella. It doesn't neccessarily mean a game will be crappy JUST because Acti are involved but your best chances these days will often lie with those rare new IPs from their developers. I just don't feel comfy bringing Activision my hard earned when I feel they're actively hurting gaming at it's heart-which I consider to be a dual thing including both those creating games and us gamers they create them for. Activision should, at the very least, have a more reasonable attitude towards the developers who make them their cash-should also give us gamers more respect considering we pay even THEIR wages but y'know!-and not let them see their hard fought for and hard to create games just pi55ed away under a slew of yearly releases and unreasonably cut corners in the name of even more greed and even more extra pennies and dimes.

so, sadly, even if Blur is incredible there's no big chance of me putting any more cash in Kotick's pockets-shame, but what can I do? Pirate the game I hurt the dev as much as Activision. buy it used-same thing so all I can do is minimise what Activision get and rent any of their titles I really must play. It's a sh1t answer but what else is there that helps Bizarre(in this case) but doesn't give out a message to Activision that we'll happily lie down and roll over in order to be ripped off on a yearly basis in yet another franchise they insist on flogging to death.

Oh, sod it, and sod them.

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