Playfrance reviews God Of War III

Graphics : 10/10
Gameplay : 9/10
Fun : 10/10

" For his arrival on PS3, Kratos has not done things by half, containing the recipe that made the success of the series, we offer once again a game clearly oriented action in which the hammering of buttons must be accompanied a minimum of reflection not perish under the onslaught of relentless enemies. L'arrivée de nouvelles armes et de nouveaux adversaires insuffle tout de même un peu de fraîcheur à l'ensemble, et ce malgré la prise de risque minimale du studio Santa Monica de Sony dans ce domaine. The arrival of new weapons and new enemies still breathes some freshness to the whole, despite taking minimal risk of Santa Monica studio to Sony in this area.

God of War III may well attract a wide audience, it is in its staging violent in the extreme and uncompromising of the vengeance of his heroes, all with a sublime display any HD Beauty: combatants are gorgeous, the action is very fluid, and clashes take place in settings with very large depth of field without the impressive details of the foreground being negatively affected. You will understand, Kratos has decided to bow out in triumph, and we can only advise you acquire new adventures whether you are at least attracted to the genre.

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NateNater3050d ago

Another great score! This is Chaos!