Mega Man 10 Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "If you've not played a Mega Man title before, 10 is a really good starting point. Between its easy mode, challenges that'll teach you how to play better, and time trial replays to help you learn the levels, there's never been an easier Mega Man to get into. However, when playing the game on normal or hard mode (unlockable), or simply trying to shave a few tenths of a second off of a timed run, there's also still plenty of challenge to be had for longtime fans of the series. Mega Man 10 truly is a step up from Mega Man 9, feeling much more complete in terms of features, as well as providing an experience that can be appreciated by both veterans and newcomers alike. If you've ever had any interest in the Mega Man series, or just want a good 2D platforming shooter, you can't go wrong with Mega Man 10."

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