F1 2010 screens - how do they compare to the last F1 game?

The Formula One game license has been handled by a variety of different publishers in the past 15 years, including EA and now defunct Psygnosis. In more recent memory the licence has been held, fairly persistently, by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis).

Codemasters has now released two 'Work in progress' high-definition shots from the PS3/360/PC version of the game F1 2010, which show the visual direction they are taking with the licence.

GamesRadar thought it was only proper to compare these two new screens with two similar screens from Sony's last game on PS3, Formula One: Championship Edition, a launch game for the console in early 2007, to see what they're doing differently. Click the images to embiggen, if you wish to inspect like a pedant.

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ryuzu3115d ago

It's a real shame Sony didn't hang on to this license...

While GamesRadar seems to want to support CodeMasters, I think that the F1CE shots look better and having played that game, certainly feel it's a better F1 sim/game than codies will produce.

I hope I'm wrong on that, since F1 has become interesting again these last few years and we're lacking a decent F1 sim on any platform.

As an aside, if you're an F1 fan take a look at who are implementing the Williams car - sure to be the best simulation around.


PirateThom3115d ago

Yeah, I think the costs had just become too high for the licence for Sony to warrant.

Would have been a nice addition to GT5's licences though.