The Sims 3 on console this "holiday"

EA has revealed that The Sims 3 will be heading to console this "holiday" season.

The publisher's top money man Eric Brown spilled the beans during a Wedbush Morgan Securities conference in New York today.

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NYC_Gamer3176d ago

in my opinion this game should be left on pc

Blackcanary3176d ago

They always seem to mess up the console version.

ThatCanadianGuy3176d ago

No doubt PC is the way to go for, well, PC games..

But i for one and pretty happy it's coming to consoles.Since my gaming rig was stolen a few months back, i'm stuck with this dinky little laptop that can't even run the free realms beta...

I just really hope they let us have Mouse support on the PS3 version at least.