Concept art from Half Life 2 Episode 3 leaked?

GB writes: "Its been a long time since the last episode of Half Life 2 was released. But now in what seems to be a concept art from episode 3 has surfaced on the internet. We are still not sure if this is original or not, but we are investigating so come back on GamingBolt for an update on this."

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movements3122d ago

If what I saw is the real deal, I'm already intrigued!

Chubear3121d ago

.. sure, "leaked" O.o lol

Noble Spartan3121d ago

Damn hope its real, Can't wait for EP3. Been a long time. Half Life series is awesome.

ATi_Elite3121d ago

I don't think this is real as the girl on the bottom right doesn't look like a Half Life character.

Ep3 can take place any where but ultimatley it will end up at the ship called the Borealis somewhere in the Artic.

only news that's legit is that Ep3 will be as long as HL2 plus Ep1 and Ep 2 combined. Unless they shorten it.

just have to wait till Q4 2011 to blast Combine with an AR2.

sabestar3122d ago

I don't think this is from Episode 3. Doesn't make sense bec I think that is New York in the background. Why would the series shift to New York?

But I seriously can't wait for the 3rd episode. Year after year, Valve keeps releasing different products and keep holding us out of the big one.
Portal 2 looks very good (better than having l4d3) but I wish the 3rd episode arrives this year.

ReservoirDog3163121d ago

Well I'm not saying it's real or not but Gordon and Alyx were about to go on a pretty far trip right before the end of episode 2.

They never exactly said exactly where the Borealis was.

Either way, can't wait.

Dark_Vendetta3121d ago

Didn't they mention something about snow and ice when they were talking about the trip?
Valve should at least give us a year

Pennywise3122d ago

I would like to hear about a new engine being worked on by valve.

Fishy Fingers3121d ago

HL3 will be using a new engine.

Pennywise3121d ago

I figured it would. I remember being so excited picking up HL2 day one for my PC. I just can't get excited for episodes of such an old outdated game/engine.

I would be excited to hear about HL3 with the new engine. Give me some CS2 and my PC might actually get some use!

nouman19893122d ago

PC gaming is dead! This screen shot makes me laugh so hard at the statement! Bring it on

borgome3121d ago

in this game are in desperate need of an update. No matter how good the graphics are it won't feel like a current generation game if it plays like preivous Half-Life titles.

Letros3121d ago

WASD + Mouse = Standard, what's the problem?

Pandamobile3121d ago

Why the hell would Valve change the controls. It's been the same since 1998 and no-one's compaining about it.

ATi_Elite3121d ago

how about a big ole spoonful of STFU about the controls. As I may recall Mr. Freeman and all his weapons and vehicles control better than any game out.

name one game with the accuracy of shooting a crossbow at arms and legs of the combine and still be able to drift a dune buggy?

The controls are fine. Dam near perfect.

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The story is too old to be commented.