StarCraft 2 'Exploit' - Zerg with Battlecruisers and Carriers

The team at StarCraft: IncGamers has made a video and an article, showing an "exploit" of the Zerg Infestor's ability "Neural Parasite".

It allows the Zerg player to use units of the other two races, dealing an attack with all top units, including Ultralisks, Battlecruisers, Carriers and a Mothership.

However, there's some labour involved in doing so.

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Cogo2936d ago

"Exploit" indeed, lol.

Leord2936d ago

I would not REALLY call this an exploit though.

I mean, it's very hard to pull!

DeepThought2936d ago

lol it's fun to see but I can't imagine it being used in a real game of sc2

Recka2936d ago

Although, to be fair, you could do it in SCI, just with Protoss instead of zerg :P

DJDarkstar2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

Very true, and I don't see this coming up in many real matches lol, again much the same as SC1

Cogo2936d ago

If you read the article, there is a way to use this against Zerg! :)

Altourus2936d ago

A) This isn't an exploit
B) It took him and hour and 20 minutes to do, Ive never had a game last longer then 25 minutes

The Maxx2936d ago

Big Deal. Couldn't the Protoss do this in Star Craft? I remember players asking their teammates for a SCV and a DRONE so that the Protoss player could control 3 FULL armies.

I am a Zerg player, so this sounds great. Before we could only take over the Terran HQ and pump out infested marines that explode on contact...

This is so much better.

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DeepThought2936d ago

haha yeah, love the music!

sh8kes2936d ago

ohhh, this looks interesting

Leord2936d ago

If anything, this is mainly done for the humour value. Very well done, I might add! :D

Cogo2936d ago

...even if you do say so yourself? :P

DeepThought2936d ago

yeah, if only there had been more left to kill! i half dead very easy AI doesn't pose much threat to that army!

Leord2936d ago

Lol, yes.

I mean...

"Don't come here with your semantics, space knight!" :)

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The story is too old to be commented.