Sony Expecting to Sell 2.5 Million 3DTVs this Year

Sony has announced sales targets for their new 3DTV, and they seem a little ambitious.

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jack_burt0n3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

an instant 30 million 3d players in homes will certainly help them achieve that.


Yeah i think its going to get competitive pretty fast between samsung and sony prices will be reasonable pretty quick.

gaffyh3122d ago

I was thinking of buying a new TV soon, but I guess I'll wait until 3DTVs get a little cheaper. Can't see myself buying it at the initial high price.

sahar2433121d ago

the movie avatar just blew my mind, im gonna get a new TV in the next year or two and when i do i will definitely get a 3dtv :)

C_SoL3121d ago

think a 720p is good for a 32in??

I'm thinking of buying the BRAVIA 32in EX308 720p with the BRAVIA Engine 3 and BRAVIA Internet with Wi-Fi. Or should I get the 32in EX400 1080p with BE2 with none of the bravia features..

I just need to know if the extra resolution is worth it for that size of a set.

The Killer3121d ago

get the 1080p bravia!!

because simply things r going for the higher resolution!! and even ps3 games r getting or supporting 1080p resolution!!

so it is good for gaming/cut scenes etc and for movies and maybe 3D gaming!! i think there is already 3D enabled TV at the moment!! and also i dont think the price difference is that huge between 720p and 1080p!! i was in the same dilemma and realized its not worth to save 50-100$ for 720p!! remember if u buy 1080p it will last with u long time!!

INehalemEXI3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I think for 32 inch 720p is good, if your going over 40 inches 1080p for sure.

Ultraplayerxd3121d ago

I have a 32in Samsung that can only do 720p-1080i and I love it and all but I think you should go with the 1080p even if it has less features.

Bigpappy3121d ago

1) The price is in line with other HD-TV options.
2) The 3d is optional (you can turn it off). They have to work really hard to make 3DTV appeal to average Joe.

Projekt7tuning3121d ago

Some of the older 3D technology that has been around for a wile tend to give people headaches including me, after extended periods of time. Do you guy know if they have found ways around this from happening? I really would like to see this succeed, but not at the price of a migraine wile trying to play 8 straight hours of (insert favorite game here). What have you guys found out about these issues? Iv been trying to find out were I can read some detailed facts and features on each of the different sets. If you guys have any links to then please hit me up.

blackmagic3120d ago

Do you guys think a 720p is good for a 32in??

Depends on how far away from the tv you are viewing it from. If you are sitting more than 1.5 times the width of the screen away, get the 720p set (for example, a 32" screen is about 26 inches wide so if you sit over 39 inches away from it). The human eye can only resolve pixels separated by 1 arctangent and at 1.5 times the width of the screen away, the human eye cannot see the individual pixels at 1280x720 resolution and so it would simply be a waste of money to go to the higher resolution especially if you are paying more AND loosing other features just to get that extra resolution.

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THC CELL3121d ago

im saving as we speak i want this baby for my ps3

Marty83703121d ago

When you think ther are over 30 million PS3’s(3d capable) out ther, that figure is doable.

And Sony is exclusively filming 'World Cup'(footie) in 3D,thats bount to push sales thru the roof. It did for HDTV when the last world cup was held. I knew over 20+ friends that purchased TV’s for the footie alone.

Tapioca Cold3121d ago

I will get one this summer. I usually replace my HDTV every two years.

The good thing about 3D TV's is that the are still Full LED TV's. This means they have fantastic picture quality as well as 3D capability. I wanted an LED TV. Now I get 3D too!

The glasses suck though.

I live in Korea and am already seeing them here. 1 samsung and 1 LG so far. Picture quality is awesome (on top of the 3D capability)

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