Dark Sector preview by 1UP

1up report:

"Somebody's got a crush! After spending 20 minutes with Dark Sector at a recent press event, one thing has been made incredibly clear: Dark Sector wants to be Gears of War.

From the color palette to the controls, the camera perspective, and the level design, there are obvious similarities between the two titles. Even the art style is similar -- though, admittedly, the main character here is much more of an emo comic book hero than a bulked-up super warrior..."

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JohnCarpenter4103d ago

You can say it's like Resident Evil 4 or Cold Fear too (which i liked btw.). Not every game can have a complete new interface.

Frulond4103d ago


I've seen some videos of this game in Gametrailers and looks good tho I'm not sure about considering this yet