APB Podcast Episode 17: In Game Music Explained

The APB team discusses the in-game music and the music editor that comes with the upcoming urban MMO.

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Maticus2930d ago

Let's hope the game isn't delayed any further!

Leord2930d ago

We breath oxygen, Sun goes up and sets every day, games will be delayed :P

Dorjan2930d ago

an MMO which is "cool"?

Medievaldragon2930d ago

Music editor in an MMO? Whoa?

Leord2930d ago

Hehe, the title made me confused. What is really needed to know about ingame music. But makes sense now :)

Malfurion2930d ago

Not my cup of tea at all... But it seems to have a huge following

Letros2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Hopefully, MMO market should have a lot of room besides WoW(not bashing it).