Videogamer: DoW 2 - Chaos Rising Review

It is a problem that has befuddled RTS developers for years: how do you create a compelling single-player campaign that's more than just a glorified multiplayer training manual? So many games, even now, don't even bother to try. Relic Entertainment, with standalone Dawn of War II expansion Chaos Rising, has dared to, and the result is perhaps the best effort yet.

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Letros3055d ago

I'm a happy Chaos Space Marine =)

peeps3054d ago

trying to decide whether or not to pick this up tomorrow. love dow2 and when i was a kid i collected chaos lol but theres way too many games out atm + i'm busy with work

Chubbs 763054d ago

Pick it up awsome game ov been playin n painting warhaamer stuff since I was a kid game is hott

hellboy18803054d ago

Man I've been waiting for this one for a while now. Looks like Relic didn't disappoint.

One thing I did notice though, is after my original DoW2 updated yesterday, the splash screen is now AMD? Must have dropped Nvidia which is great imo. I wonder if this game is more optimized for ATI cards? The shadows seem to look a little better now.

As a 5870 user, I was getting tired seeing that "The way its meant to be played" logo all the time.

Go Relic! Go AMD/ATI!

3054d ago
yog-sothot3054d ago

I need to buy this soon, DoW2 is awesome

damn, so many games, so little time !