TERA Demo To Be Shown At GDC

En Masse Entertainment has announced that its upcoming fantasy MMO TERA will be shown for the first time at the GDC tomorrow.

The game, which mixes eastern and western game styles, will be released in Europe and NA this winter.

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Maticus3122d ago

From the video, it looks pretty darn good. Great graphics!

Leord3122d ago

I can see why there's so much fuss about Tera now.

sounds a lot like "Tena" though, the incontinence nappy :P

Malfurion3122d ago

Looks like a prettier (if that's possible) Aion. Could be very cool.

Medievaldragon3122d ago

That game is made by people from Blizzard and Arenanet -- kinda redundancy there. Arenanet was formed by ex-Blizzard devs. heh

Can they make the WoW killer?

Fyzzu3122d ago

That looks pretty... um. Pretty, I guess.

It's good looking, is what I'm trying to say.

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