Bad Company 2 Servers Burn; DICE Parties

So, let's say you work for EA/DICE. You have just shipped Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but all of the people (Xbox, PS3 and PC) who bought it have been unable to play it because your servers have been constantly crashing because they were not properly sized or load tested.

What do you do to fix the problem? Apparently, you party.

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Mista T3119d ago

give Dice a break, Devs work hard and sometimes go through sleepless nights trying to perfect a game, the least they can do is party for one night because of there completion of a game.

PotNoodle3119d ago

This party was probably pre-planned, and wouldn't of been used for work time anyway, but it still is irritating watching it.

Mista T - i'm all for understanding what pressure developers are under, and the work they do. But i'm a consumer, and i shouldn't have to understand, i paid for this product and it should work. I'm not complaining much though.. have not had much time to play recently.

Perjoss3119d ago

A small price to pay for an amazing game. I do hope the servers are working tomorrow though :)

SOAD3119d ago

Yes, you are a consumer. Therefore you should also be the one making smart decisions with your money.

If you're a fan of the BF games, then you'd be aware already that BF games never launch well. They're always incomplete, and must be patched over and over to be perfected. BF2 just peaked in terms of excellence a few months ago, and it's a 2004 game.

This is why I laugh at all those fools who ignorantly post "Day one purchase" for anticipated games. A smart consumer waits. A smart consumer understands that in this industry, products are released with many bugs and issues. Server issues for a newly launched BF game are so normal that I'm surprised that others are shocked by these issues.

Lich1203119d ago

This outrage seems a little extreme. Does that blogger work every waking moment? Im guessing not. To be upset with a group of people taking a little relaxation after grueling hours is absurd. Also, I have the game on PC and while Ive seen some issues, nothing that is stopping me from playing the game. Same story with my friends who got it on Xbox. Maybe they are now, but I haven't heard anything from them. So it is my understanding that the issues with the game are not cataclysmic.

Christopher3119d ago

People do know that only a very small subset of people handle the servers, right? I'm fairly certain all those writers, designers, script writers, HR, etc. are going to be valuable in helping to fix the server issues.

badz1493119d ago

things were really picking up for them with IW giving terrible glitchfest and no dedicated server and no mods for MW2 and then they provided the beta and promised great things and all but on launch day, server overload?? WTF? such an anti-climax for such a great promise! well done EA and DICE!

BattleAxe3119d ago

I'm getting some bad lag while playing this game.

xabmol3119d ago

I never have trouble finding full games and moist of the time there is no lag.


Every now and again I get that "pullback lag" where it feels like someone tied me to a bungee cord and I can't leave that one spot. It only happens about once every 5 games, but it's VERY frustrating!

Hope they fix this soon. ...and the damn store! >.<

2Spock3119d ago

What people are surprised that a battlefield game that you cant play online. I recall 1943 which i believe they took the servers down for the 360 or for some odd reason i was not able to play online for months. And after i tried to get a refund it was no dice. So dice can kiss my @ss i will never buy another product from them again.

Cueil3119d ago

There is history here dating back to Modern Combat demo... when the demo his OXM in the states the Live users crushed EA's servers... no matter how many they put up they couldn't keep up... this seems to happen every time

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Szarky3120d ago

Day 9. PS3 in-game store still doesn't work making our pre-order bonus useless. Last time I pre-order a EA game.

-Alpha3120d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love the game but there are issues:

1) Worst PC launch of all time. Check the forums
2) PS3 in-game store STILL isn't working which nullifies the pre-order DLC. I want compensation for this.
3) 24 players on consoles is good, but I want more. PC gets 32, and this was supposed to be a console-first series
4) Snipers are dumb-downed, no sway? really? Sniping is incredibly easy and has lead to many COD scrubs selfishly playing the game like its TDM
5) Conquest is pathetic and ruined. It's basically TDM and nothing like previous games where capturing the flags actually meant something. Capping flags does NOTHING AT ALL except spawn you at different places. It's freaking stupid
6) Chat limited to 4 players only. Really? I've been playing a lot of MAG and they have communication channels, why can't they at least do that?

Anyways, overall I love the game, but some of the issues are ticking me off. Nothing compared to IW and COD but DICE screwed up on trying to capitalize on IW's failures.

deadreckoning6663120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

@Alpha Male- I'm sure many of the things you speak of will be fixed with patches. I have a the game sitting on my nightstand unopened just in case Killzone 3 debuts today and I see something insane(which I doubt because, Bad Company 2's style of play is much MUCH more exhilirating than KZ2s) Well see what happens tonight :)

Btw, ur right the sniping is too easy but they did it so that people who don't normally snipe in online games can enjoy the Recon class. Unfortunately people seemed to be enjoying it too much during the beta. I remember having a game where half my team were snipers and they didn't assualt the crates at all.

MAG_SVER3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I don't have anything against you, but to say

"Bad Company 2's style of play is much MUCH more exhilirating than KZ2s"

REALLY, cause I have the game & after beating it i'm selling it, just like I did with MW2 & I still have KZ2 never ever gonna sell that badboy.

Anyway, this game is no where near KZ2's game play & physics. Like common man, I can't even shoot the damn enemies on a TURRET using a sniper rifle. I aim for the head & the bullet hits the metal even though I can see his whole face.. like wtf, or when i have a shot gun & run up towards the enemy & try to blast them, how the hell do I miss. Like I'm standing right in front of the enemy, like I would if I were standing & kissing my girl & still miss shooting him ( Serious NO LIEs).
These are flaws which are pissing me off in Single Player Mode so I'm not even gonna bother with Multi-Player, MAG is doing great for me.

Another major flaw is, why does my character run straight for like 2 secs when I'm trying to turn while running, like common EA/DICE.

I have to admit, I was really pissed at some of the low reviews this game was getting but I kinda see why it got it now. I didn't even get to take advantage of my pre-order bonus.. what a waste of EXPECTATION!!!

A Disappointed Fan!!!

JackBNimble3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I rented BF:BC2 , and I am glad I didn't buy it.

I thought the single player games was good (weak ending though)but online was terrible. Everytime I tried playing online I would only be matched up to 2 or 3 squad mates, there was just nobody online.

EDIT: MAG fixes my online needs and even if there were people online for BFBC2 it wouldn't measure up to a FPS like MAG( in my opinion).

KingKiff3119d ago

I agree the snipers are to easy...

But the bullet travel and drop makes up for this a little bit at least

ThanatosDMC3119d ago

"Son of a... MAG!"

I agree, BC2 needs to fix that turret thing since you could snipe people like that in BF2. I got it for the PC.

TheBand1t3119d ago

That's because the little eyeslit on the MG turret has bullet proof glass over it. At least the mounted MG in this game is actually useful compared to the POS in BF2.

xabmol3119d ago



"Conquest is pathetic and ruined. It's basically TDM and nothing like previous games where capturing the flags actually meant something. Capping flags does NOTHING AT ALL except spawn you at different places. It's freaking stupid"

I thought so too, at first, but the way it works is that the other teams tickets (death count) drops faster when you capture more bases. I've been in a match where my team had all 4 bases and only killed 4 people, but their counter dropped by 10.

"Chat limited to 4 players only. Really? I've been playing a lot of MAG and they have communication channels, why can't they at least do that?"

TOTALLY AGREE!! So aggravating to hop out of my tank to repair it and have some unknowing jackass jump in and drive away with it and all I can do is cuss at my 3 squad mates! >.< Just let me hold down select to team chat and move the score board to the pause menu!

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glennc3120d ago

another idiotic article. they have still earned a party. they are still working on fixing the game. this is typical media BS

maximus19853119d ago

me and many others are still waiting for our pre order bonus. you celebrrate after a good job not for trying. im tired of reading the not that ea has posted saying "we are aware of the store isues and are working on the issue-hang in there." what they actually meant was " yeah we know its the online has problems and the the store is down, do something about it hahahaha"

Lich1203119d ago

You probably know nothing of what these people do. Additionally, whos to say the PSN store is dices fault. I have it on PC (as I mentioned in a previous post) and it works fine. Im thinking it's slightly out of their hands since they don't own and operate the store.

I could be wrong, but I bring up my previous point. Do you work more than 40 hours a week? More likely 60? Or even more probable during crunch time 80-90?

Its not just laziness, there are ridiculous standards that you the consumers expect from these companies. I know back in the glory days these problems didn't exist... That's because games were 10 times simpler then. I'm not say don't expect these guys to fix things... but jesus chirst, give them a night of relaxation without pestering them.

Cueil3119d ago

after having to sneak your wife into your office to have some fun before returning back to work... that stuff actually happens... the stuff is stressful let these guys blow their minds away... they'll get to hammering out the problems soon enough

AssassinHD3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

It is reasonable to assume that this party took place after working hours. You don't expect them to work 24 hours a day do you? It is also reasonable to assume that the server issues are tasked to their IT department, who may or may not even be at that party. Do you expect the concept artists to fix the servers? How about the animators? As for the store issue, that may or may not even be DICE's fault. They worked hard putting the game together and they deserve a chance to decompress. I am sure the server issues and store connectivity will be worked out soon enough.

maximus19853118d ago

so the store still isnt up but no your right theyre working on it. besides its only been what 11 days.

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mcgrawgamer3120d ago

look at some of them chicks in the pics. I'd party to, and after the party is the after party....if you catch my drift.


monstrado3120d ago

I bet some poor IT intern died that day.

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