IGTV: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Interview

IncGamers caught up with BioWare producer, Fernando Melo to discuss the expansion pack due for release later this month.

In the interview Melo explains why the PS3 will be digitally distributed in Europe, ideas of where the franchise will go and how BioWare is looking at overhauling the console's button mapping. You can also see some sword fighting and a little bit of archery too!

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thetamer3122d ago

Loving the sword fighting

Cogo3122d ago

Yes. This is one of the more inventive parts of the game. Or at least it's one of the best ways it could be handled.

I mean, nothing is truly inventive, but it's done very well.

Leord3122d ago

Interesting why it will be digitally distributed in Europe. Imho.

Fyzzu3122d ago

Well, that's me sold on Awakening. I was hoping it'd be better than the DLC and this seems to prove it's a hell of a lot more than just a new couple of areas.

Cogo3122d ago

I think DLC is a strong tool against piracy as well.

I mean it can be done, but when buying the product becomes easier and more natural than pirating, then piracy will diminish to negligible levels.

Maticus3122d ago

Sounds like a full new game, fab :)

Leord3122d ago

I'm a little bit worried the Archery won;t be as fun tbh.

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The story is too old to be commented.