Modern Warfare 2: PS3 DLC By The End Of April

According to Robert Bowling, the first DLC for Modern Warfare 2 will hit Xbox Live in "three short weeks". PS3 and PC gamers will get the first mappack by the end of April.

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THC CELL3202d ago

no dlc will bring me back to this game cause its a big big let down

Looking towards MAG DLC
i cant wait to see what they have to offer...

Phaqutomb3201d ago

I my self find this game boring. No DLC will bring me back to play it. MAG on the other hand i want to see some DLC. If not i will wait for socom 4

JackBNimble3201d ago

Ya ,I'll pass on the DLC as well.

I'll stick with MAG I think Zipper set the new standard for online FPS, and MW2 or BFBC2 seem to measure up in my opinion.

Bubbly3201d ago

They should try fixing the game before releasing DLC...

Syronicus3201d ago

Can't wait to play some new maps. The current maps are nice but with the rumors that some classics will hit the game get's me all giddy inside. I wonder, is 10 bucks the map pack price?

Lifendz3201d ago

With FFXIII, GOW3, the GTA DLC (told you I'd wait for it), and the amount of games on my backlog (Dark Siders, Bayonetta, etc), I can wait until the end of April.

For some reason knowing 360 owners have the DLC first doesn't really detract from my fun in MOW2. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, imo, is to get my kill streaks going. I'd be nice to have to new maps to play on and to hopefully not play Wasteland as much, but it's not something I can't stand to wait for while the other side gets it now.

Dev8 ing3201d ago

MAG really is the better game. I couldn't even prestige once in MW2 because the game was such a piece of crap I couldn't play it anymore. I have prestiged twice in MAG and am at level 60 but by not going into veteran mode I get to be squad leader, OIC or platoon leader every time.

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peeps3201d ago

oh right, i thought there would have been a bigger gap the way they went on about getting it for 360 first.

anyway doubt i'll bother anyway, too many other games out now, mw2 is already forgotten

4pocalyps33201d ago

just before last friday i was forcing myself to play the game and hit lvl 70 so i wouldn't have to touch it again. i hit level 70 and got bc2, wkc and on tuesday i got ff13. best purchases ever and havent even glimpsed at mw2.

Enate3201d ago

There was a n4g post about 4 or 5 months ago that stated the gap would be 30days. They delayed the announcement but it was found out anyway awhile back. Though I'm sure they got a few people with that one before the time gap was actually specified. Not me because I didn't really care an when I heard it one month I'm hardly crying.

user8586213201d ago

Wow 1 month... not much of a "timed exclusive"

Bea Arthur3201d ago

They never said it was a timed exclusive they merely said the 360 was getting it first.

electricshadow3201d ago

So...that would mean it's a timed exclusive. If they're releasing it on one platform when it's ready to launch on all three and they choose one, yeah, that's a timed exclusive that M$ probably paid for.

divideby03201d ago one cares...the game again was the madden of shooters...incremental improvements. In addition a glitch fest online

Dev8 ing3201d ago

The game had improvements but it was like one step forward and 10 steps back from COD4. Especially the campaign.

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The story is too old to be commented.