El33tonline Review: Buzz: Brain of the World

El33tonline writes:

"Buzz is a game show game. You get asked questions, and have to answer them for points. Score more points than your friends and you win. Place second and you are still first of the losers. Play on your own and you are just plain sad. But after playing Buzz, I am still a little bit puzzled.

See, most games have either an expansion pack to tide you over until the next major release, or they have a full blown sequel. Expansions should add more of the same, maybe a little bit extra and they should certainly cost less than the original game. They should also tie in nicely with the first game and obviously be able to access the originals content. Sequels should be all new content and even though they look and feel similar to the original, should not really contain much, if any, of the original game's content. Buzz: Brain of the World, is neither."

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