Final Fantasy XIII Shipments Top Five Million

European and North American first run shipment crosses the three million mark.

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movements3053d ago

Final Fantasy Fans Will always support the franchise... Including yours truly.

Bias reviews are bias...

Udidntlistenpunk3052d ago

And of course, the 2 million in Japan.

Not bad for a mediocre Final Fantasy.

Playstation 3, home of Final fantasy versus 13, Final Fantasy 14 and the Final Fantasy franchise.

The Killer3052d ago

will remain till the end of this generation i think!!

maybe they will ship a little bit more but i doubt it!!

evrfighter3052d ago

well I gues NPD is being topped by FF13 this month

ThanatosDMC3052d ago

I got my copy still wrapped right on my desk but no PS3! ARGH!!!

Claudinho693052d ago

^^ lol me too, my new ps3 is on the way ^^...thank god for dell

DarkTower8053052d ago

That's going to translate into some major first week sales for the PS3 version, because we all know "shipped" means "sold" right? /s

zeeshan3052d ago

So when M$ says we shipped X million consoles, they are considered sold and when SE ships 5 million units, they are shipped not sold? What am I missing?

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-MD-3053d ago

My Game Crazy had no copies of the PS3 version and only 2 copies left for the 360. The game is going to sell amazingly well

evrfighter3052d ago

i went to target this morning with my brother. All the 360 copies were gone Unfortunately for him he doesn't have both systems like I do and they had about 10 ps3 copies left. I'm enjoying the story but man they weren't kidding about it being insanely linear.

solidt123052d ago

Got my copy at gamestop as soon as i got off work. They said that almost all copies sold were PS3 versions. Some kid bought the 360 version that was in front of me though.

paradigmfellow3052d ago

I work for gamestop and in the district I work at there were only 300 copies of the 360 sent while there were 2000 ps3 copies sent. In the store I work there were only 7 copies sent for 360, out of which only 3 were picked up. As for the ps3 we had 60 almost all is gone.

execution173052d ago

when i picked up my Ps3 copy, EB games still had a full stock of the 360 version

DaTruth3052d ago

I'm sure the Target in "360 Fanboy LA LA Land" is all sold out of 360 copies!

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Baba19063052d ago

well its an amazing game. you can just smell the high quality of the game. its not perfect and it is no ff7 or 6, but it feels like ff game. i am a fan and i like it.

user8586213052d ago

Agreed, dispite the critisism it's still a fun and challenging game xD

8thnightvolley3052d ago

we on n4g are hardcores that would nitpick on the difference in the ps3 and 360 versions but majority of the world which is more than 98.percent .. wouldnt bother and would get it.. just like bayonetta..

gd times for gamers..and SE can swim in the cash that have been dreaming

DaTruth3052d ago

We on N4G have a console war where certain aspects on one side used one pixel better versions of multiplatform games to boost their argument that their console of choice was superior. Now the other side is rubbing it in their faces when the "multiplatform destruction of all ports" happens to them!

Last gen it was "our XBOX version is superior because the XBOX has superior hardware"; And the reply was, "Yes it does, enjoy your superior multiplats and 1/10 developer support".

Only this gen has people that are in denial about which system has hardware superiority and devs willing to cater to the hardware companies moneybags!

dtrain213052d ago

I bought the 360 version YEAH !

RedDragan3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Unlucky mate. If only you have a HDTV and PS3 eh? ;-)

achira3052d ago

congratulations you have prooved that you are an idiot.

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