Five Things We Hate About Final Fantasy XIII

Xboxist writes:

"Despite the hype surrounding Square Enix's new magnum opus, it isn't all kittens and rainbows in Final Fantasy XIII. Even the most ardent fanboy must admit that the game has some annoying flaws that keep it from being perfect. If you aren't quite ready to accept that the game is less than a masterpiece, perhaps you should check out the extensive list of things we loved about FFXIII. For those of you with cynical hearts and critical eyes, here is our run down of the things that we totally hated in this sorry excuse for an entry in the Final Fantasy series."

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clinker3121d ago

Interesting that an Xbox site is recommending that people buy the PS3 version if they can... finally some honesty in games reporting.

Noctis Aftermath3121d ago

I agree with everything on this list, as a longtime FF fan i can only hope future installments don't follow XIII's example.

gaffyh3121d ago

Agree with the whole list, Vanille is f***ing annoying as hell. Voice acting for the most part is pretty good, especially Hope (Greg from Everybody Hates Chris), but Vanille's voice acting SUCKS. I'd also add some other stuff to this e.g.

- No FF battle tune at the end of the battle
- Not being able to change the characters in your party for AGES
- No proper character level system
- Why the f*** don't you get money from battles anymore???
- Graphics look good on faces, some body parts look horrible for a next gen game e.g. fingers look like they're made out of Jenga blocks at time.

It's still good, much more story focused than other FFs, but it feels completely different to every other FF, I'm kinda disappointed :(. It's still good, at least it is still turn-based, much better than anything else Square Enix has put out so far for next gen systems, but I hope Versus sticks with the standard FF formula.

hay3121d ago

Kudos for the author. It's refreshing to see not biased articles among this cr*p media tries to feed us with.

In the article I'd exchange towns with lacking storyline. Once chars forget there are people being murdered all around and laugh like nothing happened, sometimes chars float off in retrospection like in movies from 70's, throw really lame jokes. Some character development is artificial and hardly believeable. And that's just tip of an iceberg...

Bea Arthur3121d ago

Vanille actually doesn't annoy me as much as she seems to annoy everyone else. I find Snow more annoying than Vanille. Maybe that will change as the game progresses but 3 hours in she doesn't bother me all that much.

rbluetank3121d ago

i always like ffx because of the towns/story/characters. the amount of information leaked out on this game has changed my mind on buying this ffx13. i am glad i have better ps3 games to tide me over until the next AAA game. i might rent this game somewhere down the line...

Foliage3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

The second it was clear that the 360 version was going to be inferior, the North American media started turning on the game.

Don't take their whole campaign to tarnish the value of XIII seriously. It isn't such a bad game, the cinematics are actually pretty interesting. The level design is very good for a game that is fairly linear. The enemies also shine in this game, which is in part due to the scripting advantages of linear flow.

Personally speaking, I would have enjoyed a little more control over combat and various other areas of the game, but it isn't enough to ruin the experience IMO.

Just go into it thinking it is anything but a Final Fantasy title, and I think the title stands well enough on it's own. The spirit of Final Fantasy has always been about changing up the story/characters/worlds with each iteration, but people refuse to accept the slightest changes to the gameplay. Change isn't always a bad thing.

Again, it's fairly obvious that this game was being ravished publicly by committee. At the end of the day, ask yourself why their review scores still remained fairly high for a game they supposedly all hated. It's a smear campaign, that leads back to the very day that the 360 version was showing cracks.

Foliage3121d ago

Gears of War was the most linear game I've ever played in my life next to the original Doom, and I enjoyed it a fair bit. If there was a previous Gears before the first that featured towns, would I have liked Gears of War any less?

It shouldn't be enough of a reason to skip a game.

This coming from the same people who flame sequels for not being different enough...

Foliage3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Fran was the greatest VO I've ever heard in a game. Her voice was astonishing.Incredibly original. I was hoping they would have used something on that level of originality with Vanille's voice. Although Vanille's voice can be a bit much at times, I appreciate that they didn't go completely Americanized with it. The worst thing in a Japanese translation to English is having American sounding people. It just doesn't fit the theme of the product. My biggest gripe to date with this was Cloud in Advent Children. I hated his voice completely enough to ruin the movie for me.

I think Evanna Lynch would've been the perfect person for Vanille's voice.