Microsoft & Amazon team up to help HD DVD and indie filmmakers

Up to 1,000 new indie titles to be made available in HD DVD through the CustomFlix DVD on Demand Program; Sundance Channel original series, 'Big Ideas for a Small Planet,' to be among first HD television offerings on

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ENNO4187d ago

sounds good i love sundance hopefully scratch come out on HD DVD!

MK_Red4187d ago

So now mainstream cinema is supporting Blu-ray and indie films are with HD DVD. The battle is getting more and more interesting.

cdzie14187d ago

As an HD DVD fan, it’s nice that we’ll have 1,000 extra indie films available, but I don’t think it will have much of an impact for the average consumer. Certainly this attests to the fact that HD DVDs are far easier and cheaper to produce than Blu-ray discs.

The best way Microsoft can help HD DVD is to lower the Xbox drive to $99, they would double the install base. How about an E3 announcement next week???

Laka4187d ago

You got to support you, I think it's huge.

omansteveo4187d ago

Im really excited to see this fall is what Tv shows are gonna be on which format that will sway my leaning toward HD-DVD bc of "Heroes" and "300"

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