Heavy Rain: Flood of genius or a wet dog

Critical Gamer writes: WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

While Ian, whose contribution I have put here first, does not offer any plot spoilers – I do. So I strongly advise you not to carry on reading after Ian's said his piece unless you've played Heavy Rain through at least once, if you intend to at all. So first, the part that's safe to read:

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scruffy_bear3085d ago

Heavy Rain is a Flood of genius.

Mondayding3085d ago

1,000 points to the first emo band that names itself after this game

scruffy_bear3085d ago

That's going to happen that's for sure

Jim Crikey3084d ago

I think most of the negative comments on the net are valid... but so are most of the positive ones.

scruffy_bear3084d ago

Would love a sequel to Heavy Rain

Pidgeridoo3084d ago

I love this game! the fighting in it is amazing!

scruffy_bear3084d ago

The fighting is brilliant