Gaming Dead: Star Trek Online Review (40+ Hours)

GD: "Ok, we all know good Trek games are as rare as a squeamish Klingon, but Cryptic might just be on to something here. Not to say it's "good" by industry standards, but it does break the mold a bit and has a lot more potential than, say, Star Trek: Legacy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when looking for entertainment from the Star Trek franchise, especially in video games, keep your hopes high and your standards low. Star Trek: Online has rethought the MMO presets in designing some of its features, like space combat and bridge officers, but it finds itself sorely lacking content outside of the usual grind and more than its share of bugs.

STO is, basically, a few moments of magic trapped in a transporter buffer that's compensating for a phase variance."

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