Samsung : availability and pricing of 3D LED HDTVs

Samsung today announced the U.S. availability and pricing of its LED HDTVs, with eight series ranging from 19 to 65 inches, including 3D possibilities. Samsung's LED TV lineup will begin to roll out in retail this month.

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Minimee3000d ago

55C9000 : $6,999.99.... ouch ;(

Venatus-Deus3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

how come the 65in is cheaper that the 55in model? It says the 65in has 3D too.


Thanks dude... bubbles+

65in overkill... I call it "immersion overkill". fu*k yeh!

World Cup + SKY 3D TV + 50+in TV = awesome summer!

Jaybad543000d ago

It will have better specifications, like contrast ratio, refresh rate etc. might be thinner as well. 65 inches is overkill though :P

Venatus-Deus3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

wrong reply


Actually, I think these prices are fair, compared to what I thought they were going to be.

rockleex2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I'd get the C7000 for $1,999 at $40 inches.

That's the same price I paid for my 52 inch Sony Bravia awhile ago.

archemides5182999d ago

i will b looking at the samsung 40" at 1999 msrp (meaning ~1799 amazon or less) but will wait until compatibility/review with ps3 comes out. if not then i'll review the prospect for other 40" ones (from sony and MAYBE plasma, if it comes to it)

Darkstorn2999d ago

LOL at these prices, I'm still on a 27" SDTV...

PoSTedUP2999d ago

i would get the cheapest 40". i went with a 40" bravia like a year and a half ago at a decent price (and it wasent the best, Vseries) and i am still happy with my purchase, still looks amazing...

not up grading for a couple more years thought, maybe it depends on if i can sell this tv and save up, dont think it is worth it just yet tyhought because of how many games and stuff would support it in the begingin.

St0n3d Bluntman2999d ago

These are really nice tvs, but if you're like me and you dont have seven grand laying around I would recommended looking at a Mitsubishi DLP. For around $1400 you can get a 65 inch big screen tv! If you've seen Avatar in 3D then you saw it on a DLP projector. Here's the one I own and its amazing.

And if you do have cash to burn take a look at the Mitsubishi Laservue. It's one of the best tv's ever made.

NeoBasch2999d ago

I want one for Uncharted 3 (you know it's going to happen :D ), but it seems pretty expensive. Hmm... maybe next year. There's no way I can afford a decent 3D 1080P HDTV this year. Wow, that was a mouthful. What's next?

FlameBaitGod2999d ago

I heard Sony will have cheaper ones from a guy in brandsmart.

Anon19742999d ago

Currently I'm using a 1080p home theater projector on a 92" screen.

Bring on the 3D projectors!

Dev8 ing2999d ago

Now Sony just need to release their 3D PS3 update and some games and were good to go.

Syronicus2999d ago

The 65 inch HDTV is not overkill if you plan to use the standard 1 inch of viewing size per every two inches of seating distance. If you are sitting 130 inches away from the set then 65 is perfect.

steve30x2999d ago

I have to agree with Syronicus. I have a 40" TV and I sit 13 foot away from my TV. My tv looks small from that distance. I would love to be able to afford a 65" TV.

C_SoL2999d ago

check out the review from this consumer....

he bought a 32in led tv from samsung

I've been told that led tvs tend to do a halo effect around blacks which isn't good. It all looks like a gimmick to me.

And BTW Sony's tvs are cheaper.

Just letting you guys know...

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-MD-3000d ago

That's actually a lot more reasonable than I thought it would be... I'm surprised.

Wildarmsjecht3000d ago

I'd have to agree. a 32 inch for 700...wasn't more than a year or 2 ago where a 32in HDTV went for that price. I'd expect the price to drop in a year or so to where u can get a 32in 3Denabled one for about 400 like now...maybe.

Venatus-Deus3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Less than £2k for a 50in 3D TV. Puts it in the must have bracket for the number 1 tech gadget this year.

Always spend your money on a good TV and bed... there the two things you use most in your house.

@ Butter

The wording seems to imply that3D is for the C7000, C8000 and C9000 models.

butterfinger3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

be able to do 3D? If so, I'll definitely be picking one up ASAP. I'll have to wait for the prices to come down on the larger models, though.

Yeah, it looks like I won't be upgrading until I can afford a 3D model.

anh_duong3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

this is also first generation 3d displays.. do you remember how much first generation plasmas cost?? 20k bucks.. these are also Retail recommended price so you should be able to get them 10-15% cheaper..

next year these prices will be 25/30 % cheaper..

soon premium makes such as samsung, sony, panansonic will only sell 3d tv...

nearest analogy is nicam stereo tv.. when nicam stereo first came out they commanded a 20% premium.. now nobody sells mono tvs.

kneon3000d ago

They didn't seem to list the price of the glasses, or I missed it. I've seen that Samsung 2 glasses plus movie pack listed at over $400!!! If this is the kind of pricing they are launching with then 3D won't be taking off this year.

And I don't understand how they can justify that price since active shutter glasses can be had for $30-50 a pair.

anh_duong2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

sony includes two pairs free.. i should think samsung are doing the same.. i heard additional pairs are hundred bucks though so if u on s budget then you are better off waiting because generic glases will be very cheap

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What Would Kratos Do3000d ago

$1999 for the 40 inch seems good.

McRad3000d ago

Did you guys see the remote!?
" The C9000 Series come equipped with a premium 3-inch color touch-screen remote control – which features a live feed of the channel you’re currently watching. For the C9000 only, the easy to use, full touch-screen remote control comes complete with an earphone jack and Twin View, which lets you watch TV or Blu-ray DVD titles on the remote or TV at the same time. The remote includes Allshare and a QWERTY keyboard for the LED C7000, C8000 and C9000, and at 2.4 Ghz, its integrated Wi-Fi and infrared technology controls the TV, STB and AV devices with on-screen buttons. The touch screen remote is available as an accessory for the LED C7000 and C8000, as well as select LCD and Plasma Series. "

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? I'm going to upgrade from my LN52B750 to one of these.

Jaybad543000d ago

I just bought a 7000 series and apparently you can buy that remote as an add on for it when it comes out! Gonna have to be done

Gamester1013000d ago

Hmm.. That is actually very good value (for the smaller tvs at least).

DigitalHorror812999d ago

The 40 is about as small as I'm willing to go. The biggest TV has a hefty price tag.