GDC Awards, Sony press briefing streaming live on GameSpot

'The 2010 Game Developers Conference began today with the Independent Games Summit kickoff, a session on "guerilla" development, and a (very) brief talk by Caleb Arseneaux from Scribblenauts developer 5TH Cell. Tomorrow morning, the main conference will start with a series of presentations, including talks by BioWare co-founder and CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka, Bungie creative director Joseph Staten, and Electronic Arts COO John Schappert. '

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Death24943122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

i'd rather watch it on G4tv's GDC2010 page where ps3 isn't held to a double standard. All ps3 owners should avoid Gamespot, where inferior ports on ps3 are scored lower (e.g. Bayonetta), but 360 version of Final Fantasy 13(that's inferior) recieves the same score as the ps3 version. If you disagree with me then proceed to Gamespot, if you agree then join me fellow ps3 owners @

Stand firm with me in boycotting Gamespot, so that we shall make an example. Remember that you, Gamespot, need us. We, the ps3 community, DON'T NEED YOU.

"Our vengeance, starts NOW!!!!!"
- Death2494

To join the movement add "R.I.P. Gamespot" to your comment

Dusdg3122d ago

I do not agree with people getting fired just because they do not believe what you believe in.

Long Live Gamespot, IGN, N4G, and everyother gaming website!

nix3122d ago

i know at the end of the day it's "an opinion". you can have an opinion, i can have an opinion too but the difference between you, me and gaming journalists is they are suppose to be fuking professionals. not a biased fanboy!!!

the whole point of sitting on a chair of gaming reviewer holds some responsibility. we want black and white point of view. no point of misguiding people.

dangert123122d ago

that death guy wants to kill everthing he don't like

morganfell3122d ago

Well I won't add RIP Gamespot to my comment because I prefer their rest to be anything but peaceful How about RIT?

RIT Gamespot (Rest in Torment)

Syronicus3122d ago

R.I.T. GameSpot

That site is trash to begin with and after the FFXIII issue, all the negatives I have ever said about them have been proven true. Pathetic.

TOO PAWNED3122d ago

Some of you (especially you Death)need to stop jumping from one bandwaggon to another. When they gave MGS4 and to Demon Souls GOTY you were all hyped and praising them. I am not even going to count those massive ammount of awards they game to PS3 exclusives, like best graphics, best new IP Infamous, etc.

Stop it, grow up or stick to your mind.

Immortal Kaim3122d ago

Above is what happens when you let immature kids use the internet...

Hands Up For Games3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )


Lets all burn books as well.


Down with people who think differently.




raztad3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )


Hey man that doesnt make sense. Gamespot has been very spot on with their reviews. Last year KZ2 was their FPSoTY and DS their GoTY.

I definitely agree GoW3 is much more a 10/10 game than a 9/10 but Tim Mc Shia is the one to be blamed here not Gamespot as a whole.

It's quiet disgusting how innovation is the ultimate excuse to knock points down when a Sony owned game deserves a 10. Ridiculous nitpicking, really contrasting with "the same gameplay we know and love" treatment other very well known games had received.

table3122d ago

Gamespot are probably the best reviewers out there with most their reviews being virtually spot on. RIP n4g I say. Sony fanboys have ruined this place.

k-Lan3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )


You take this sh1t wayyyyyyy to seriously. I think i saw your life running past me on my way to work. I'll try my best to find it and get it back to you asap. ;)


I totally agree with you. :(

TheBand1t3122d ago

KLan, thank you for my daily dose of iron(y).

k-Lan3121d ago

You're welcome Band-Aid! Did i hurt your little boy feelings? Awwwwwwwwww... i'm sowwy. Go pick off somebody's scab and make yourself useful.

WildArmed3121d ago

After reading 1.9 i went back up to 1.6's picture from Ingolrious bastard and yelled GENIUS in middle of my math class...
Was weird, but the teacher got over it quite fast lol

TheBand1t3121d ago

Sorry, I don't get my feelings hurt by douchebags on the 'net. :) I seem to remember you throwing a hissy when I said Natal was going to flop though. U mad?

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RedDragan3122d ago

It's confusing why this isn't being done late morning (starting 11:30AM).

They know Europe is interested in watching this live, you'd have thought they would put some sort of advertising that appeals globally (such as the cool coca-cola adverts) and make sure the different regions get to see it at a useful time.

Instead Europe, GDC's biggest audience if on at a sensible time, have to watch this about 01:00 AM. Doesn't make sense from a financial point of view.

butterfinger3122d ago

do you know that Europe would be GDC's biggest audience? It sounds like you are just making up anything to suit your whining, but I'd love to see a link to some proof of sorts.

RedDragan3122d ago

Because there are more gamers in Europe than in America, that's how I know. And every gamer that knows about game conventions, know about GDC and want to know what Sony is revealing, especially as Europe is Sony's strongest region.

I thinking about this financially for the gaming industry for christ sake, anything that gets more money into the industry from an advertising perspective like this, is good. Nobody is going to mind the odd 15 second Coca-Cola advert between the reveals, which would be one every 15-20 minutes or so.

Well worth the money for GDC and the other conventions. Are you saying that Sony is stronger in American than it is in Europe?!

Seriously man, to incline that I am wrong is not wise. You are effectviely saying America is the land of Playstation when we both know that it is not!

asdr3wsfas3121d ago

"Because there are more gamers in Europe than in America, that's how I know."

This is the game *developers* conference.

butterfinger3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Apparently you don't understand that Sony doesn't give a sh!t about Europe. I thought they would've made that clear with the pathetic PS Store updates you tend to receive. BTW, the conference was in San Francisco, CA, and nobody seemed to be worried about any Europeans getting to see it. Also, "there are more gamers in Europe"? No, that's simply not true. The only console that sells more in Europe than anywhere else is the PS3 while the others have sold overwhelmingly more in North America. Regardless, everyone knows that Japan is where gaming rules. So, NA has more gamers, Japan has the more passionate gamers, and Europe has... umm... some people that enjoy video games?

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knightdarkbox3122d ago

cant wait for more flops games of sony in this conference.. ;)