3-D Gaming with No glasses required

Seeing pictures and video in 3-D without having to wear those goofy plastic glasses? Believe it, as a team from Sheridan College has created a 3-D game that needs nothing more than your own eyes to see it in three dimensions.

This works by using a 3-D screen created by Spatial View, which includes an overlay that tricks the naked human eye into seeing images in 3-D.

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NLshotta3050d ago

thats whats good..i get dizzy a little bit wearing the 3d glasses. Im glad i didnt buy a bigger LCD

Gobuz3050d ago

Watched an iMAX movie the other day and it was awesome, but i just can't see these glasses taking off in the home or gaming environment.

They really need to build Tv's that don't need glasses. This is a good step forward.

dustgavin3049d ago

I don't think they would be an issue at home. It would just be a matter of picking up enough for everyone that wants to watch. However, I do agree that a tv without the glasses would be much better.

garos823050d ago

i just hope it doesnt bring headaches after prolonged use and if that is so , this is the future of home entertainment right here

ps360s3050d ago

interesting...Don't have to wear these glasses would be great, but it don't bother me.

Watched Avatar 3d in imax like twice and it was better then I thought. Before I even went to watch 3D I was not so sure about 3D at all but now I can say it will look great in games.

Corrwin3050d ago

First: Buy HDTV! It's awesome!
Then: Buy 3DTV! It's 3D (with Specs)
Finally: Buy Actual 3D TV - now Without needing the specs :D

The problem with new technology is that most technology companies are still trying to make a profit on the last big thing. I doubt we'll see this overlay any time soon, and certainly not without a hefty price tag.

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