Go! Gaming Giant: Scrap Metal Review

From the review:

"The Xbox Live Arcade Block Party is well under way and for the second week of the celebration, Microsoft brings us Scrap Metal from Slick Entertainment, the creators of N+. Being the masterminds of marketing they are, Microsoft appears to be employing a rather common tactic of starting with a bang to get you hooked (Toy Soldiers), tossing the moderate stuff in the middle, and ending with an even bigger bang to make you feel like it was all worth your time. In this case, Scrap Metal is the "moderate stuff in the middle" and it is quite obvious that for many, this will be the low point of the month-long promotion. That, however, doesn't necessarily mean that this is a bad game. In fact, it can be quite fun…at first."

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RaymondM2931d ago

good review, too bad I dont care much for destruction games. I never liked twisted metal, so I don't think I'd like Scrap metal either

Murgatroyd72931d ago

This has very little in common with Twisted Metal. It's basically just a racing game with guns.

-MD-2931d ago

Ouch 6? I think I'm gonna pass on this one, I still haven't finished Toy Soldiers and Perfect Dark is right around the corner.

Murgatroyd72931d ago

I've taken a look at a few other reviews and most people seem to have a higher opinion of this than I did. I certainly wanted to like the game and I think it has a lot of potential, but it wasn't able to do a good job of holding my interest. The demo is certainly worth checking out, though, because obviously my opinion may differ greatly for your own. I haven't checked, but it should be available by now.

Parapraxis2931d ago

LOL the picture says CrapMeta

Murgatroyd72931d ago

Heh, yes, a rather unfortunate crop from N4G.

omicron0092930d ago

reminds me of those old racing/fighting PC games, except with much better graphics