Is the StarCraft 2 beta worth $400?

Ex: "$400 is a lot of money. It can buy you a video game console and a controller, more than a year of World of Warcraft subscription time or a couple grams of crack cocaine. Incidentally, all three things are probably a better investment of money than what gamers have recently been dropping $400 on Ebay for -- an entrance key for Blizzard's ongoing beta for the highly anticipated StarCraft II.

Or is it?"

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tehk1w13200d ago

You can't put a price tag on the AWESOMENESS that StarCraft is.

tinajacobs12223200d ago

I don't think ANY beta is worth $400. People are just crazy.

Then again, I do regularly pre-order games to get early demos and stuff...

hobokiller3200d ago

"Or a few grams of crack cocaine."
I'll give a discount is you PM me on N4G.

Cheeseknight283200d ago

Glad I didn't have to pay for mine. Though, I would have sold it given the ability... but selling my account means selling off my WoW account and my Warcraft 3 copies. Don't really want to part with either.

Perjoss3200d ago

To a wealthy person $400 is not a lot, and its not only poor people that play games.

badz1493200d ago

there's not a single FULL GAME worth paying $400 for just to play it! $400 for a BETA is STUPID IMO and the person who sold it is the SMARTEST in terms of exploiting that stupidity!

Exquisik3200d ago

Wow I'm speechless! Who in the world would pay $400 just for a beta? Not to mention that a lot of Starcraft 2 Beta auctions on eBay have a buy it now option for a lot less than $400! But anyone paying more than $10 for a beta does not deserve to be playing video games.

Now if the auction includes a World of Warcraft Polar Bear Mount, which the 2008 Blizzcon Goodie card comes with, then that's a different story. But I still wouldn't pay more than $50 for both.

evrfighter3200d ago

that's how insane pc gamers are.


PinkUni3200d ago

you guys are forgetting that people play this game professionally

in the years ive played games, being in betas vs playing them day one, that small time period of being in the beta can make a world of difference

usually, if people play everday, you'll probably never be able to catch up to them skill wise if they've been in the beta

400 dollars is a small price to pay if you win a 10k tournament

Mikeyy3200d ago

$400 isnt a lot considering people have been waiting 13 years for another Starcraft.

I was fortunate enough to be in the beta day one (Mikeyy.Mikeyy)

Starcraft is on another plane to other video games, It is the National Sport in Korea for crying out loud.

If there was one game that people would pay $400 to play the beta of, Starcraft would Most definitly be the one.

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jdktech20103200d ago

Is this a question? Paying 400 dollars to play a not completely complete game a mere 3-5 months before it releases? Seriously?

Some people just don't have their priorities in the right spot

theEnemy3200d ago

Pay $400 for beta testing a game.

Goodluck with that.

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