Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X for PSP Revealed

Namco Bandai is making another Tales Narikiri Dungeon Game, as revealed in the latest issue of weekly jump magazine.

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Lavalamp3199d ago

Please release this one outside of Japan!

Nitrowolf23199d ago

i hope so, i am sick of all these tales game only in japan. Is tales of vesp. even coming out for ps3 in usa? cause i want so bad

SaiyanFury3199d ago

Agreed, Namco announce Vesperia for the western territories already! It sold well on the 360 so bring it to us PS RPG lovers like you did Eternal Sonata. I loved that one too, so get with it already!

Endless_X3199d ago

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems like it is a remake of Narikiri Dungeon which also includes the entire ToP PSP game.

BlackIceJoe3199d ago

I hope Namco-Bandai does not keep this new Tales game only in Japan. Japan keeps getting these cool remakes and new games and they only stay over there. I would gladly buy this game if it comes to North America. So I hope it will.

Redempteur3199d ago

tales of the world psp must have done poorly since we didn't get the second ..And we probably won't get this one either ..

but i like the style they took with this one ... ( hope they will have some tales of graces characters with it )

PS: where is tales of versus in usa ?

Handhelds_FTW3199d ago

Another PSP Tales game that wont be coming state side, fantastic.