New Warhawk Screenshots

Sony has released some new screenshots for Warhawk on their official website.

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TheMART-sucksdick4185d ago

I might pick this up. anybody playing the beta? whats it like?

Delive4185d ago

Better when your playing with someone you know. Plenty of tactics involved, but plenty of just running around too. I'll have it. Today is the last day of the beta, according to N4G. My subscription says it goes through 7/3/07 though on playstation underground.

Kleptic4185d ago

yeah I got in about 2 weeks ago...So I have only played it since the update, which fixed some of the freezing problems...

It is really great...the balance of some weapons needs slightly tweaked still (the Warhawk Machine Gun is very useless on people on foot, yet steadily drains other Warhawks of "health" or whatever)...but the beta forums are very active with the developers, who are really addressing most of peopele's complaints...other than the balancing, the game is unbelievable for online only...

It is definitely a must own imo...Its the most fun online I have ever had on a console...the seemless split screen (where a friend(s) can join in the middle of a match) is nearly perfect...I just wish there was a way to have them load different player names with it...which is supposed to be in the final version I heard...but it really is great...there are lots of very different weapons...each vehicle has great balance as far as speed, armor, and weaponry (except the little issue with warhawk mg.) is a great enough multiplayer game that I completely forgot about the lack of a single player game...I have not been close to bored with it since I first played it...

Machety4185d ago

When the hell did I post this article? I really dont remember posting it like that. I had send it for approval, but I dont know if it was going to be changed.

Machety4185d ago

This is a great game, ad I beleive that everyone who likes shooting game should go for it.

IQUITN4G4185d ago

Does look like it will be fun but graphics do seem a little average -probably just the vids i guess.