Dear 2K, This Is What We Want In BioShock 3

Bloody-Disgusting writes: BioShock 2 didn't capture our hearts and imaginations in the same way its predecessor did, but that can mostly be blamed on the fact that it was our second time diving into the crumbling city of Rapture. So how can the third BioShock make the same gigantic splash the original did? Who should you play as, and where should it take place? Should it be another sequel, or maybe even a prequel, to give us a taste of what Rapture was like before the fall? Read on to find out what I think the answers to these questions should be, and more, after the jump.

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tinajacobs12222905d ago

A real sequel as opposed to Bioshock 1.5 would be a great place to start.

DanCrabtree2905d ago

Im not so sure about the RTS idea... especially since Brutal Legend employed it very UNsuccessfully.

CuddlySandpaper2905d ago

I thought the RTS in Brutal Legend was actually pretty well done, but it felt forced. Maybe they shouldn't add it into the single player and instead make it a multiplayer, so it's not forced on anyone?